Midwest Book Review features a review of Islam versus Civilization: The Great Wear of the 21st Century in its October 2015 issue of MBR Bookwatch. 

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Synopsis: The West has grown old, lethargic, materialistic, and with little or no leadership. It is faced with a rejuvenated and resurgent Islam, the brainwashed Cult of Muhammad. The goal of this totalitarian ideology operating behind a façade of religion has not changed in 1,400 years. Radical Muslims still believe it is their divine mission to establish, by force if necessary, a worldwide caliphate of this 7th Century subjecting men and women to fear and obey through the imposition of the Law of Muhammad (Sharia) on all people. It is late but Western civilization must recognize that it is in the great war of the 21st Century for survival. The barbarians are at the gates - and some are already inside!

 Critique: Every night the atrocities committed by such Islamic terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram are the stuff of the evening news. As 9-11 confirmed and subsequent events have amply demonstrated, the American homeland is not immune to Islamic terrorist attacks. Simply stated, "Islam versus Civilization: The Great War of the 21st Century" is critically important reading for not just the general public, but every governmental politician and office holder in the federal administration, the congress, and all 50 state legislatures. A critically important acquisition for community and academic library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Islam versus Civilization" is also available in a Kindle edition ($8.00).

Michael Dunford


The book is amazing to  report in such a candid manner what is so important to us all.  It is amazing to  learn such an important topic in  our lives.

-- Reno Reader

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You have one of the best researched and referenced books I have ever seen....and having read, or seen many documents over the years, I greatly admire that.  I saw many documents at TRW, CNA and IDA, and although they may have been written by well-educated folks....the fact that they often did not use references in those papers, also made those documents not that for good later on for people using them.

--  Retired Business Person

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Islam versus Civilization
The Great War of the 21st Century



  • Front/Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • About the Author
  • Chapter 1
  • ​Testimonials


                                                                                                                                           Front/Contents (from the book)

                                                                                                                                                                       To Diane, Deanna, Christian, and Lily
                                                                                                                                               With the hope that they will never know the scourge of Muhammadism

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Hobbs, Richard  1931-
Islam versus Civilization: The Great War of the 21st Century         
               /  by Richard Hobbs
First Edition
               p.        cm.
  Includes glossary and index.
  ISBN-10: 1515140067    ISBN-13: 978-1515140061   $24.95
  1.  World Politics -- 21st Century                              I. Title.
  2.  Islam
  3.  International Relations
  4.  International Relations -- United States
  5.  International Relations -- Middle East
  6.  International Relations -- Europe


Preface                                                                                                            vi
About the Author                                                                                            ix

 Part I  What Is the Challenge to World Order? 
                        Muhammadism (Islam)                                                          1

Chapter 1  What is Islam?                                                                              3

             The Trilogy                                                                             5
            Abrogation                                                                              9
            Law of Muhammad (Sharia)                                                  11
            Jihad                                                                                       13
            Dhimmitude                                                                           15
            Notes                                                                                       20                                                                  

Chapter 2  The Cult of Muhammad                                                               25 

            Why Islam is a Cult                                                                26
            “You must accept my Religion!”                                           35
            Salafism and Wahhabism                                                      38
            Notes                                                                                       39                                               

Chapter 3  How did it spread?                                                                                    41 

            Four Rightly Guided Caliphs                                                 41
            Umayyad Caliphate and Abbasid Caliphate                          42
            The Ottoman Empire                                                              44
            Muslim Brotherhood                                                              44
            Islamization                                                                            47
            Notes                                                                                       49 

Chapter 4  Is Reformation Possible?                                                             51 

            Al-Sisi and Essebsi                                                                52
            Obstacles to Reformation                                                      56
            Notes                                                                                       62                                   

Chapter 5  Islam on the March                                                                       65 

            Declaration of War 1979                                                        66
            HezbAllah                                                                               69
            Al Qaeda                                                                                 69
            Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/IS)                                                               73
            Asia                                                                                         85
                        South Asia                                                      85
                        Russia                                                             86
                        China                                                              87
                        Southeast Asia                                                            87
            Africa                                                                                      87
                        AQIM                                                              88
                        Al-Shabaab                                                     88
                        Boko Haram                                                   89
            Notes                                                                                       92 

Chapter 6  The Muslim Invasion of Europe ˗ Eurabia                                  99 

            Post WWII – End of Colonialism                                          100
            Non-Assimilation                                                                   100
            No-Go Zones (ZUS)                                                               105
            Significance of Eurabia                                                          107
            Notes                                                                                       109           

Chapter 7  Islam in America                                                                          115 

            Mosques                                                                                 121
            Prisons                                                                                                123
            White House/Congress/ US Government                              124
                        White House                                                   125
                        Congress                                                         131
                        US Government                                              133
            Academia                                                                                138
            Attacks                                                                                    142
            Stealth Jihad                                                                           143
            Notes                                                                                       146 

Chapter 8  The Problem                                                                                 155

            Wrong Enemy                                                                        156
            Wrong Goal                                                                            157

            Wrong Tactics                                                                        157
            Wrong Strategy                                                                      157
            Denial                                                                                     158
            Apologists                                                                              165
            Concessions                                                                            173
            Treatment of Women                                                             176
                        Female Genital Mutilation                             178
            Multiculturalism                                                                    179
            Notes                                                                                       184 

Appendix A ˗ Muhammad Cartoon Contest                                                  191
            Notes                                                                                       209 

Part II  What Can Civilization Do?                                                            211 

Chapter 9  The World Needs a Strategy                                                        213 

            Identify the Enemy                                                                 214
            Proclaim Muhammadism Is Not a Religion                          219
            International Conference                                                        220
            Ideological War                                                                      222
            Notes                                                                                       232 

Chapter 10  Europe ˗ The Most Immediate Threat                                        235 

            Stop Muhammadan Immigration                                           238
            Require Assimilation or Deport                                             239
            Enforce Sedition/Treason Laws                                             240
            Deport Non-Citizens                                                              240
            Clean Out the No-Go Zones                                                   241
            Clean Out the Prisons/Mosques                                             241
            Revoke No Gun Laws and Arm the People                           242
            Renounce Islam or Lose Citizenship                                     242
            Notes                                                                                       244
            Addendum                                                                              244                         

Chapter 11  America                                                                                      253 

            Education about Muhammadism (Islam)                              254
            International Scene                                                                 257
            Islam is Not a Religion                                                          257
            Ban Muslim Brotherhood/Islamic Organizations                 258
            Additional Actions                                                                 258
            Psychological Warfare                                                           264
            Notes                                                                                       267 

Conclusion                                                                                                      269
            Notes                                                                                       278                                                                             

Glossary                                                                                                          279
Index                                                                                                               281
Resource Directory                                                                                        288



            The purpose of this book is to educate and to entertain.  The author speaks for no organization, political party, or government, US or foreign.  The author and ColDoc Publishing shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book.
            If you do not wish to be bound by the above, you may return this book to the publisher for a full refund.

            For years, I have been addressing the threat of the totalitarian ideology promulgated in the name of a self-proclaimed desert prophet from nowhere and this should be my last book.  I have been repeatedly asked the question: “What should we do?”  Even though I have addressed that in earlier books, Part II of this book attempts to answer that question with numerous specific actions that could be taken.  I had to start with Part I to define the challenge and provide a brief refresher for those who are not fully informed about the history and actions of this non-religion.
            There are numerous great books available that deal honestly with this despicable ideology.  A recent book that I highly recommend is It’s All About Muhammad by F. W. Burleigh. It is really an excellent book.  He gave me some excellent advice.  He reminded me that our forefathers had not fallen into the trap of using the Islamic terms.  They used “Mussulman,” “Mahomet,” “Hagar,” “Mohomedans,” “Mohommedan religion,” “Koran,” etc.  Therefore, at his wise suggestion, I am using Muhammadism for Islam and Islamism, Muhammadans for Muslims, the law of Muhammad for sharia, MuhAllah for Allah, and Koran for Qur’an.  This keeps the subject more clearly focused on Muhammad, the source of it all. 
            Most religions have evolved with the times.  Christianity may have had its unpleasant periods but it went through a Reformation and adapted and changed as civilization moved forward.  Muhammadism, on the other hand, is still stuck in the seventh century and has a built-in mechanism to prevent any change.  This is fully described in “The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam” by Citizen Warrior which he permitted me to include in my book Death by a Thousand Cuts.  Everyone born into Muhammadism has to stay – the punishment for leaving is death.  Death is also the punishment for any criticism of any aspect of Muhammadism.  The Koran is claimed to be the direct word of Allah so it cannot be revised or changed.  Therefore, any attempt to reform Muhammadism is extremely difficult, further complicated by the fact that there is no ideological center, no overall authority or organization that can enforce change.
            Philosophical discussion was not in vogue among simple Bedouin minds.  This was not a problem until the warriors moved out of Arabia and were faced with societies where such discussion was normal.  There were questions about the Koran – whether it had existed forever with Allah or had it been created in time.  The traditionalists contended that it had been with Allah forever on a tablet written in Arabic (!), but a group called the Mu’tazilites felt that that made the Koran another god so those advocates were polytheists.  They saw reason as the primary way to know Allah and to judge right and wrong.  This was dogma for time, but another group arose in opposition, the Ash’arites, who claimed Allah was pure will and power and not reason.  That doctrine became orthodox in the ninth century and is still in effect – thus we have the closing of the Muhammadan mind and the end of reason.  This was catastrophic for the ideology and the world passed them by.
            The simple desert approach to life was not adequate.  As Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam stated, “Every religion is better than Islam, and so is atheism.”  He gave three reasons.  Muhammadism has no Golden Rule.  Religions have one as “an ethical cornerstone.”  Muhammadism has a double standard: one set of ethics for Muhammadans and a completely different and restrictive one for infidels.  Muhammadism calls for the whole world to submit to the law of Muhammad.  No other religion kills apostates but it is a capital crime to leave Muhammadism.  This take Muhammadism out of religion and makes it a cult – the Cult of Muhammad.
            In my Preface to Radical Islam at War with the World, I referred to the writings of the Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels, on the drastic effects of Muslim inbreeding, the practice of marrying first cousins, and the psychology of jihad and why Islam creates monsters.  He described the classical brainwashing methods in indoctrinating Muhammadan values in children.  We must recognize that we are facing the greatest brainwashing operation in history.  This hate and kill has become even more evident now with the atrocities committed by Daesh in Syria and Iraq.  Even though worldwide political leaders continue to spout the denial line that Islam is a religion of peace, even Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi tired of their nonsense.  He reminded them with numerous quotes from the Koran that it is not about peace but the religion of the sword.
            Daesh has shown that they have world-wide appeal with some 30,000 foreigners joining them in Syria and Iraq.  We cannot calculate how many more are following them on the thousands of internet sites leading to killings in Europe and here in the US.  One person with an automatic weapon can kill 28 people, as in Tunisia, if there is no one armed on site to take them on.  What better argument for open carry as well as concealed carry!
            It is appalling and almost unbelievable that people can proudly behead people in front of cameras, but it has become a daily occurrence for Daesh.  This enhances fear, a major goal of terror, and appeals to those who believe that Daesh is operating in the proper, divine path of Muhammad.  There is nothing that the Daesh barbarians have done that was not done by Muhammad – the perfect man.  Daesh is the perfect Muhammadism of the seventh century.
            The great challenge of Western civilization is how to deal with these barbarians.  Unfortunately, many in the West are in denial, refusing to even acknowledge that there is a threat, even though these jihadists openly announce their desire to kill us.  Added to them, we have the apologists, who insist that we just misunderstand a great religion and if we would only be nicer to them they would reciprocate and stop the killing.  They cannot see that concessions are seen as weakness and only encourage more demands.
            Abraham Lincoln said, “I am a firm believer in the people.  If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crises.  The great point is to bring them the real facts.”  This is the key.  The American people have been misinformed and misled by our leaders who refuse to face the facts.  When political leaders insist that Muhammadism is peaceful and it is only a handful of crazies who have hijacked a good religion[RH1] , when religious leaders are silent or insist on interfaith dialogue and do not condemn atrocities and do not condemn the plight of their co-religionists, and when feminists are silent about the atrocious mistreatment of women, we cannot expect the American people to see the threat.
            The media do not do their job of informing the people and the numerous Muhammadan groups like CAIR continue to put out their disinformation and are accorded access to the White House and have positions in government.  The Muslim Brotherhood, which we have the documentation whereby they want to destroy our civilization from within – the “Civilization-Jihadist Process” – is still operating freely all across the country and in government.
            Just as Adolph Hitler explained his plans in Mein Kampf, the Muhammadans have no hidden agenda; it is all clearly spelled out in their core texts, the Koran, the Hadith, and the Sira.  Why do we not believe them?  We are in the great struggle of the 21st Century and yet we act as if everything is just fine.  We have been at war since 1979 and yet our people are still at the mall!  It is time to wake up America, our land, our future, our children, and our grandchildren will  not survive this onslaught if we do not face up to this major threat to civilization.
            The Barbarians are coming – actually they are already here!       

Reno, Nevada
July 2015

About the Author
            Richard Hobbs graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1954 and entered the Infantry.  As a paratrooper, Ranger, and Pathfinder, he had various troop assignments, including attending the British Jungle School in Malaya during the Emergency and in charge of Tropical Training for the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii.  He was selected as one of the original Olmsted Scholars and attended the University of Lyon in France receiving the degree of Docteur de l’Université in international law and international relations.
            Two tours were spent in Viet-Nam (one year each) advising Vietnamese paratroopers, serving as Executive to the Deputy Commander in Viet-Nam, managing a large fire base, commanding the 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry, and advising a Vietnamese regiment.  Instead of attending the Army War College, he was an Army Research Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.  He had the pleasure of working with Admiral Arleigh Burke, the Founder of CSIS, and Dr. Alvin Cottrell.  During that time he worked on a conference about the Western Mediterranean and reworked his thesis from Lyon which was later published by Westview Press as THE MYTH OF VICTORY What Is Victory In War? with a Foreword by Admiral Burke.
            After serving in the Pentagon, his last assignment was as Politico-Military Advisor in the Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs in the Department of State in Washington.   He was responsible for politico-military activities in international relations and military assistance to the Middle East during the period after the 1973 War.  He retired from the Army as a colonel after 27 years.
            Entering the business world, he joined Teledyne serving in various positions for over 10 years including Vice President – International where he worked with the Departments of State, Commerce, and Defense and the embassies on international policy questions and export licenses.  During those years, he continued to work with the Middle East, travelling in the area, particularly Egypt, every few months and extensively through Africa.
           He established his own consulting firm, Service International Ltd., for international business development which he moved to Reno in 1991.  There he ran an export-import company for a while, built a slot machine, and taught courses in international politics and international conflict for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno.  In addition to the large amount of teaching in the military, he had served as Assistant Professor of International Relations on the faculty of the Department of Social Sciences at West Point.
            He wrote several more books including YOU AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER How You Can Influence the Alarming and Growing International and Domestic Problems, WORLD WAR IV AND BEYOND Islamofascism, the Third Jihad, and other threats to the USA, DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS Islam, Fiscal Irresponsibility, and other Threats to Destroy America, and RADICAL ISLAM AT WAR WITH THE WORLD Do we want Dhimmitude – third class citizens/slaves under Islam – or do we want to be free?  It is Our Choice.  He wrote a number of articles for Pharaohs magazine in Cairo.   He hosted a call-in radio program, World In Conflict, for three years in Reno and recorded additional programs in 2011.  Several presentations were made to the National Security Forum in Reno.
            With an ongoing interest in national and international affairs, he wrote this book as a follow on to Death by a Thousand Cuts and Radical Islam at War with the World to highlight the threat of the totalitarian Muhammadan ideology to our republic.  We must remember that the United States is not a democracy but a constitutional republic.  Citizens need to be fully informed and understand Islam so that they can play their role in the momentous decisions of our times.  His desire is to encourage people to take part in the political process and make their voices heard so that the active few cannot impose their views due to the apathy of the many.

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.
                                                                                                                                                            - Article III, Section 3, US Constitution

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.
                                                                                                          - Thomas Jefferson

All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.
                                                                                                                                  - Edmund Burke


Chapter 1

What is Islam?                   
Know your enemy and know yourself.
       -  Sun Tzu 

So long as there is this book,
there will be no peace in the world.

               -  19th Century British Prime Minister William Gladstone in the House of Commons,

                  holding up a Koran which he called accursed

The Koran is probably the most read
and least understood book in the world.

          Why are millions of Muslims (Mussulmen, Mahomedans, or Muhammadans) dedicated to killing Americans?  Why are they so willing to blow themselves up to kill us or Israelis or Jews or Europeans or any non-Muhammadans or even fellow Muhammadans?  The answer is fundamental; Islamic supremacists have been and are doing this all over the world because of a doctrine of ideas, a dogma, an idea-collection.  Failure to understand Islam (Muhammadism, Islamism) makes the world situation incomprehensible and leaves us naked before the great threat of the 21st Century.
            All of this goes back to the ideas credited to one illiterate man, Muhammad (Mahomet), who supposedly lived in the 7th Century in Arabia, a backward, dead end of the world.1  He was eccentric, probably epileptic, a psychopath, an egomaniac, and spent long periods in caves on a mountain outside a town called Mecca.2  He proclaimed that he had been visited by the Angel Gabriel who informed him that he was to receive words directly from Allah.3 It was not unusual for Muhammad to speak of Allah because Allah was a known entity to pre-Muhammad Arabia since Muhammad’s father’s name was Abdullah [slave of Allah].  Thus started a long period of “revelations” which Muhammad claimed he received from Gabriel over 23 years.
            One of the most egregious aspects of “revelations” that Muhammadans refuse to face is their sheer convenience.  Muhammad would face a crisis with his people, or his wives, and “bingo” he suddenly had a “revelation” from MuhAllah solving that specific problem!  One has to face the appearance of this: the farce.  It is though Muhammad stepped outside and turned on his cell phone and rang up Allah.  “Boss, I have this problem with _____.”  To which Allah replies, “Muhammad, do whatever you thing is best.”  “Thanks, boss, talk to you later!”   Now he has a new “divine” directive for all believers!
            These “revelations” became known as Islam, which in Arabic means submission (to Allah) derived from a word meaning peace.  [The February issue of Daesh’s magazine Dabiq slammed Bush, Obama, and Kerry for calling it a religion of peace, noting that “it is clear then that salam (peace) is not the basis of the word Islam,… for Allah has revealed Islam to be the religion of the sword.”4  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said “Islam is the religion of fighting.”5]  Muslims are people who have submitted.  Islam divides humanity into two classes: believers and kafirs.  Believers are those who have accepted the shahada, the declaration of faith that “there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”  Kafirs are all the rest, non-Muslims or unbelievers.  Kafirs are of no value and can be mistreated in any fashion (beat, rape, murder), all supported by Islamic texts. 

It is clear that salam (peace) is not the basis of the word Islam.  Allah has revealed Islam to be the religion of the sword…. the religion of fighting. 

            Muhammad arrogantly proclaimed that he was the last prophet thus there could be no prophet after him.  Since there were thousands of prophets, he later promoted himself to Messenger of God (Allah) as there were only a few of these.6  Muslims consider him the example of the perfect man that every Muslim should emulate.  He preached about the End Times, the Day of Judgment, and the Day of Resurrection, and that one must follow his advice to ensure going to Paradise, otherwise, they were going to Hell. 

Shahada: There is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

             There are five pillars of Islam, the first being the shahada.  But Muhammad’s god Allah is not God as generally portrayed.  Allah is beyond human description, all knowing but unknowable.  [This is not a loving beneficent god, but a vengeful mean god.]  There is no love in Islam, but there are 300 references to fear in the Koran.  Prayer (salat) Muhammad established as the second pillar, praying five times a day (originally toward Jerusalem but after a later revelation toward Mecca).  The call to prayer starts with the familiar Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great) – also pronounced for beheadings.  Fasting from dawn to sunset during Ramadan is the third pillar.  Zakat, the religious tax which we will see is not true charity, is the fourth pillar.  The fifth is that every Muslim is to make the pilgrimage to Mecca, the hajj, once during their lifetime if possible.  [Jihad was almost the sixth pillar.]

There is no love in Islam, but there are 300 references to fear in the Koran.          

            Muhammad supposedly recited his revelations to his followers to be memorized or written down.  Logistical problems appeared early.  Sometimes Muhammad forgot what he had been told; anything memorized can change over time yielding different versions; there were 7 dialects in Arabic of that period and diacritical marks had not yet been introduced; some were forgotten or lost, people died, and some were killed in battle.  For an idea-collection to last, it has to be written. 

                                                                                                                                                         The Trilogy 

            The collection of the revelations, the Koran [which means recitation], is most unusual as every word is dependent on the memory of one supposed person, Muhammad.  The Koran was supposedly not compiled until some 20 years after the death of Muhammad by Uthman, the 3rd Caliph, who then had all the source materials destroyed, hampering any historical study of the sources of the Koran.  There was considerable dissent and confusion.  Umar, the 2nd Caliph, had claimed that “Much of the Qur’an had been lost,” for example, a verse for stoning for adultery was dropped, supposedly because no two witnesses could be located who had memorized it the same way7.  Aisha, the young and favorite wife of Muhammad, claimed that one chapter had been reduced from 200 verses to 73.  Reminiscent of the modern kid’s claim that the dog ate my homework, Aisha claimed that a domestic animal ate some of the verses in advance of Muhammad’s funeral. 
            The Koran is the most important Islamic text [it is also the story of much of Muhammad’s life] and it directs believers to spread Islam as their holy duty to bring to the entire world the sayings of Muhammad and Islamic law.  Part of its genius is that it includes directions for its protection and preservation.  Followers can never modify, change, or modernize any aspect of this dogma.  However, the Koran is very difficult to understand because it is written in code.  The chapters are organized based on length (the long revelations first followed by shorter ones); they are not in chronological order and there is much repetition so it does not flow logically.   
            There are actually two Korans.  The book consists of 114 surahs (chapters): 86 were “revealed” in Mecca where Muhammad was trying to persuade people to accept his new religion and him as its prophet, and 28 in Medina where he became a political dictator after fleeing from Mecca in 622 AD, which is called the Hejira.  The violent verses that were revealed in Medina superseded and cancelled the peaceful verses from Mecca.
            The Koran is extremely difficult for contemporary readers, even those highly educated in Arabic.  First, it is supposed to be read onl y in Arabic, but there are great portions of it that Arab-speakers cannot understand.  It is supposed to be perfect but it contains grammatical errors.  Coming from the poetical and oral tradition of the Bedouin with much repetition, and since much of it is incomprehensible in Arabic, it is not translatable8.
            While the Koran is supposedly the words of Allah, the Sunna is the words and actions of Muhammad which were recorded in the Hadith and the Sira (biography of Muhammad).  A hadith is a short story about Muhammad by someone who supposedly actually was present or had a good source.  Hundreds of thousands of hadiths appeared many years later; most were unreliable or forgeries as politicians over the years had their own agendas to support.  The Sahih Bukhari and the SahihMuslim are the most accepted collections.  Muhammad Ibn Ismail Al-Bukhari reviewed some 600,000 hadiths and kept 6,720 and even many of those are repetitious.  Sira by Al Tabari and Ishaq are the most famous.
             The Koran is only about 14% of the textual collection of ideas.  The Sunna are the majority with the Hadith being 60% and the Sira 26%.  This Trilogy of the Koran, Hadith, and Sira provides the foundation of Islamic doctrine.  The Koran is the divine authorization for Political Islam and jihad while the Sira provide the strategy of conquest with the Hadith being the tactical manual9.
The Trilogy of the collection of ideas or dogma of Islam consist of the Koran, the Hadith, and the Sira.

            A Muslim’s first allegiance must be to Islam, ahead of any allegiance to family, tribe, or country.  This means there can be no loyalty to any nation state (including the USA).  The concept of nation state does not exist in Islam.  There is only the umma, the “Nation of Islam,” and it recognizes no borders or foreign jurisdiction.
            We have noted that praying five times a day is one of the pillars of Islam.  This helps this idea-collection dominate a Muslim’s life with a daily rhythm so ingrained that it becomes impossible to forget anything done so often, thereby enhancing belief in and valuing the cause.  This bowing, kneeling, head on the mat, in unison, repeatedly creates an emotional and physical bond among believers.  We have seen this in the military which still uses close-order drill to build unity among soldiers even though the tactic is no longer used in battle.
            Stringent rules were created.  It is a crime to criticize Islam.  This is good for maintaining the idea-collection but bad for people because it limits freedom of speech.  This crime is called blasphemy and the penalty is death.  Also, a person cannot leave Islam once in, including by birth.  It is illegal in Islamic states to convert out of Islam; such a person is an apostate.  This is apostasy which is a crime and a sin and again the punishment is death.
            These rules make it very difficult for any Muslim who thinks that some of the more violent passages of the Koran should be changed or that Islam should join the 21st Century because they can be labeled apostates.  Thus rebellious, modernizing Muslims are intimidated by fundamentalist Muslims from speaking up for fear of death.  Again this is great for preservation of the idea-collection but not for individual Muslims.  Another innovative idea is that it is illegal to try toconvert a Muslim to another religion.
            The Koran uses the old carrot and stick approach to control behavior.  There are constant vivid descriptions of Hell where non-Muslims and sinners will stay for eternity in a raging fire and boiling water and oil and worse, suffering endless torments and agony.  In contrast, there are sensuous delights of Paradise (what Rebecca Bynum, author of Allah is Dead, calls the “Brothel in the sky”) where believers will rest on plush couches wearing silk robes.  Trees will shade them and rivers of water flow everywhere (attractive for Bedouins from the desert), lots of tasty food and refreshing drinks including wine (What?! Prohibited in Islam – this wine is special – no hangover!) served in silver goblets, beautiful virgins with big eyes (Muhammad had a thing about eyes) and boys.  To have a chance to get to this Paradise, a man must be a devout Muslim, but it is not guaranteed.  The ONLY guaranteed way to get to Paradise is to die fighting for Islam, a martyr. 
            This is an excellent way to develop fearless, enthusiastic warriors with the sensuous attraction of Paradise.  But Muhammad developed a Win-Win situation for his warriors.  If they died in battle, they went to the delights of Paradise.  If they survived they shared in the booty captured, including women.  They won either way. 

Win-Win situation: If Muhammad’s warrior died in battle, they went to Paradise.  If they survived, they shared in the booty, including women. 

            Then there is the treatment of women, who are considered chattel.  We will address this again in Chapter 8.  Women are thoroughly subordinated.  This helps support the idea-collection because if women had too much influence, they might try to stop the warring, since they generally do not like to send their husbands and sons off to war.  By subordinating women, the idea-collection prevents their interference against war, violence, and conquest.  The limits on women are numerous: she cannot leave her house without a male relative, inherit only half what a man does, her testimony is worth only half of a man’s, she cannot choose her husband or divorce her husband, her husband can beat her, and four witnesses are necessary to prove rape (basically impossible) otherwise she is guilty of adultery.  [75% of women in Pakistani prisons are rape victims.]  A woman might have a chance to get into Paradise if she is a devout Muslim, but the only way for sure is if her husband is happy with her when she dies.  This helps with the subordination and motivates her to subjugate herself and gives her a strong incentive to subordinate her wishes to her husband’s.
            Muslims are forbidden to make friends with infidels.  They are allowed to pretend to be friends, but in their hearts, they are directed to never actually be friends with non-Muslims.
            Deceit is a key directive from the Koran for dealing with infidels.  Muhammad directed one of his followers to lie if necessary.  This establishes a clear principle: If it helps Islam, it is permissible to deceive non-Muslims.  This is taqiyya.  Taqiyya has been used historically and is still used: Islamic leaders or pundits saying one thing in English for the Western media and saying something completely different in Arabic for Muslim consumption.  “War is deceit” according to the Koran and since Islam is at war with the non-Islamic world until the whole world converts, all non-Muslims living in non-Islamic states are enemies.  Therefore, deceiving Westerners is totally acceptable.  This is rationalized and encouraged if it can forward the goal of spreading Islam.
            Historically, there is little scientific substantiation for the birth of Islam.  Islam and the Koran probably evolved during the 8th and 9th centuries and on into the 13th century.  What the world knows as Islam is more likely a collection of myths, perhaps better called “tales from the East.”10  The key aspects of Islam developed over time.  As already noted, the Koran is to be read only in Arabic and Allah supposedly only spoke Arabic [quite an insult to the advanced civilizations!].  Unfortunately Arabic was not one of the great languages at that time, actually it was quite backward; no book had been printed in Arabic (which raised the question as to whether the Qur’an was really written in Arabic). That also raised the question was Allah’s word only for Arabs?  Muhammad’s answer was, “Love the Arabs for three things:  Because I am an Arab, the Koran is in Arabic, and the language of the people of paradise is Arabic.” 


            This is a key aspect of Islam that apologists overlook when they quote the peaceful verses from the Koran.  Allah gives himself (or Muhammad?) permission to edit his own work.  This is interesting because a key idea of the Koran is that it is the exact word of Allah supposedly revealed as revelations, each of which became a surah or chapter, over a period of 23 years.  Muhammad’s life and his circumstances changed significantly over those years, but people had already memorized his revelations so Muhammad could not just suddenly change the word of Allah.  That would appear strange for the all-knowing, infinitely wise Allah to change something He had already dictated.  But Allah (or Muhammad) came up with a brilliant solution: the Koran states (2:106, chronologically #87, the first in Medina) that “Whatever communication We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than it or like it.  Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?”  That means if a later revelation contradicts an earlier one, then the later one cancels that earlier one.  These later revelations abrogated or overwrote any earlier passages they contradicted – thus Allah’s methods could change as Muhammad developed more effective ideas. 
            This perfect man, the last prophet, tried to spread his views by peaceful meansAfter 13 years he had gained only 150 converts.  His fellow citizens in this supposed city of Mecca grew tired of his preaching about the End Times and how they were all going to Hell if they did not follow his leadership to get to Paradise.  By 622 he was about to be tried as a traitor when a group from Yathrib, a town about 200 miles north with a mixture of Jews, Arabs, and Christians, invited him to come and be their arbiter.  So Muhammad and some of his followers fled to Yathrib, the flight or night of migration known as the Hejira (Hijra and Hegira) marked as the beginning of Islamic history and is so important that it is the beginning of the Islamic calendar.  Yathrib became the City of the Prophet, Medinnet el Nebi, or Medina
            In Medina he was no longer a mere preacher but became a war lord, the political boss, judge, and military leader.  As a military leader and violent conqueror, he subjugated all of Arabia to Islamic law in less than 10 years.  The peaceful way had proved too slow and ineffective; his preaching had failed.  Forcing conversion by conquering and imposing Sharia proved to be much faster and more efficient.  The peaceful, tolerant verses from Mecca were abrogated by the violent, intolerant verses from Medina – this is abrogation.  According to Citizen Warrior (1 September 2010), 61% of the Koran is about non-Muslims [this makes Islam more political than religious!] and 245 verses might be considered “positive” about kafirs.  Every one of those has been abrogated.  There are some “527 verses of intolerancetoward non-Muslims,” with “109 verses specifically advocating violence towards non-Muslims” not one of which has been abrogated.
            Islam (Muhammadism) is an all-encompassing way of life controlling every aspect of Muslim’s lives.  It dictates the laws and those laws cover all private and public behavior down to sex life and personal hygiene. 

                                                                                                                                                                       Law of Muhammad (Sharia) 

            Most religions tend to shy away from politics, but not Islam.  Islam commands its believers to create a government to support it.  This is an ingenious idea unique to Islam.  Other religions have sometimes had political aspirations but none orders its adherents – as a religious duty – to create a form of government with its own system of law.  This law of Islam is called Sharia, which is really the Sacred Law of Muhammad11, means “pathway” or “path to the waterhole.”  It is an obligation for all Muslims to strive to impose the Law of Muhammad (sharia) wherever they are (including here in the USA).

The shariah cannot be amended to conform to changing human values and standards.  Rather, it is the absolute norm to which all human values and conduct must conform.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -  Yusuf al-Qaradawi

            Sharia is not in the core texts; it was derived from them over centuries and was codified by the tenth century and the fiqh (“understanding”) has not changed much since.  Islam is not a monolithic ideology.  We are aware of the division between the Sunnis and the Shias (followers of Ali – Muhammad’s son-in-law) which appeared the moment Muhammad died over succession and is brutal to this day.  There are also other sects: Sufis, Salafis, Wahhabis, Deobandis, Ismailis, Druzes, Barelvis, Alawites, etc.  There are four main schools of Sunni jurisprudence (Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliki, and Shafi’i) with sub-schools of each and two Shiite schools (Ja’fari and Ismaili Fatamid).

 The world according to sharia:
           What’s Islam’s is Islam’s, and what’s yours is Islam’s.

             The variations in the schools of jurisprudence are not major but more of degree such as whether an apostate should be given a chance to repent before being beheaded or just behead immediately.  The punishments of executions, amputations, and stonings are codified along with the prohibitions on pork, alcohol, gambling, smoking, interest, insurance, music, pictures, women’s rights, etc.  Muhammad’s Law (sharia) is quite detailed and often very personal.  Some sample subjects from a legal manual: going to the lavatory, how to wash before praying, how to pray (how to place your feet), the menstrual period, circumcision (obligatory for both men and women [FGM]), details of zakat (religious tax), fasting, how to do the pilgrimage (hajj), trade, inheritance, marriage, a rebellious wife, divorce, no drinking from gold or silver vessels, and long lists of dos and don’ts. 

The Law of Muhammad does not condone freedom as we know it; it is totally Islamic, utterly incompatible with democracy.

             The Law of Muhammad does not condone freedom as we know it; it is totally Islamic, utterly incompatible with democracy.  As one major legal text states: “The good is not what reason considers good, nor the bad what reason considers bad.  The measure of good and bad, according to this school of law, is the Sacred Law, not reason.”12  Reason in Islam died over a thousand years ago!   It is more like Lenin’s approach: “The court is not to abolish terror…but it should make it understandable and should elevate it to a legal rule, as a matter of principle, clear-cut, without hypocrisy and without embellishments.”13

Sharia (Law of Muhammad) is “also a part of that universal law which governs the entire universe, including the physical and biological aspects of man.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -  Sayyid Qutb

            A particularly egregious example of Muhammad’s Law (sharia) invading our culture is sharia-compliant finance (SCF) or Islamic banking.  The enormous wealth from oil accumulated in some Muslim countries has led many Western bankers to compromise their ethics to gain access to that money.  SCF prohibits charging interest and using funds for anything Muhammad (sharia) deems unlawful: such as pork, alcohol, gambling, and pornography.  A portion of the fees that are charged in place of interest goes to Islamic charities which notoriously are fronts for terrorist organizations.  SCF requires advisory boards to ensure compliance with Muhammad’s law; this brings some very unsavory characters into the financial system.  This is another way to insert sharia into our systems.  As the notorious Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (who we will meet again below) said, this is an “opportunity to spread Islamic ideology.”  Islamic banking, which is growing, is a stalking horse for the introduction of Islam.14.   

 The introduction of Islamic banking into the West will be the vehicle through which Islam will establish a caliphate throughout the world.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       -  Yusuf al-Qaradawi

            As to how all-encompassing the Law of Muhammad (sharia) is, Sayyid Qutb wrote in Milestones that it is “not limited to mere legal injunctions,” but includes everything “for ordering man’s life,” “morality and human relationships,” “political, social and economic affairs,” and “morals, manners, values and standards of the society.”  As Ibn Warraq stated, “You cannot get more totalitarian than that.”
            The Law of Muhammad (sharia) is important in the modern context because minority Muslims in non-Muslim societies (such as the US) call for its imposition as well as the extremists calling for it everywhere in the world.  Thus Islam separates from religion and becomes political ideology.


            We hear a lot about jihad and even some of our government officials mislead us about it such as the head of the CIA who assured us it is a holy struggle and a legitimate tenet of Islam to purify oneself and we should not be concerned. [What has he been smoking?  There were also reports that he had converted to Islam.]  Jihad means struggle or effort and is often called holy war or striving in the way of Allah.  A person engaged in jihad is a mujahed, the plural is mujahedin.  There are two kinds of jihad: the greater jihad and the lesser jihad.  Greater jihad is an individual spiritual effort or inner struggle against sinful desires and ego and is barely mentioned.  The lesser jihad is armed violence or war against non-Muslims to establish Islam and is 98% of the jihad hadiths.  Jihad is considered the best action a Muslim can perform.15  

To battle Kafirs in jihad for even one day is greater than the entire earth and everything on it.
                                                                                                                                  -  Muhammad
            Jihad is such a core part of Islamic dogma that it was almost the sixth pillar of Islam [probably left out so as not to awaken the infidels!].  There is an argument that using their word, jihad, only enhances the sensitive egos of these barbarians and makes it legitimate in their eyes, only reinforcing their self-importance.  Several Arabic words have been suggested.  One is Muharib or the colloquial hirabi or hirabist from the base word Harabah meaning barbarism or piracy.17  As usual, there are problems with transliteration from Arabic.  Hirabah – probably the same word, meaning piracy but also unlawful warfare, unholy war, and war against society (or what we would now call crimes against humanity) and then hirabi meaning to become angry or enraged.  Irhab is terrorist, and more pejorative, so we should use that and irhabis for terrorists and irhabiyoun in place of mujahedin and shadids (martyrs).  I like Islamofascists to depict their ideology.  Two good words to accompany are shaitan and shaitaniyah for satan and satanic.
            The progression of jihad is a good example of the evolution of Muhammad’s thinking.  At first it was forbidden (Qur’an 4:92), then it was permitted (22:39), then it became obligatory (2:193, 9:5 the Verse of the Sword, and 9:22).    

Jihad as Said, Jihad by the Sword, has been Allah’s plan for Muhammad from the beginning.
                                                                     -  Abdullah Azzam, The Defense of the Muslim Lands

            Since Islam is an expansionist ideology bent on world domination, lands must be conquered.  They consider that all the world is to be Muslim.  Therefore, if any lands are lost, they must be reconquered, such as Spain (the lost Andalusia) and Israel.  The Islamic empire must expand; contraction is bad; expansion is good.  The earth belongs to Allah.  The legacy of Muhammad is that the world is divided into the Dar al-Islam (land of submission) and Dar al-Harb (land of war).  The faithful have a duty to gain control of all parts of the earth not following Islamic law (the Dar al-Harb) and establish Muhammad’s Law (sharia).  It is considered a sin to let it be.
            Also, Islam must always be defended.  This idea justifies war with almost anyone.  Of course, after the enemy is defeated, Muslims are required to impose an Islamic state.  The use of pretext to start wars, from Islamic teachings, makes the West defenseless against the Islamic invasion which is underway but not recognized by most. 

 Jihad is a continuous and never ending struggle waged on all fronts including political, economic, social, psychological, domestic, moral, and spiritual.
-  Brigadier S.K. Malik, The Koranic Concept of Power

            Support of jihad, bodily or by financial or other support, is an obligation for every Muslim.  These Muslims who want to take over the world are not naïve people.  They are educated, well-funded, smart, and slaves to a very clever idea-collection.


             When Muslims conquer a country and convert it to Muhammad’s Law (sharia), there is the problem of what to do with infidels under Muslim rule.  They have the choice to convert or die (or often sold as slaves).  However, since Islam came from the Christian, Judaic era, they considered Christians, Jews, and some Zoroastrians as People of the Book, they were offered a third choice, become dhimmis, which means “protected” or “guilty.”  Dhimmis are permitted to practice their religion if they pay a tax, jizya.  If they convert to Islam, they no longer have to pay the tax, so there is a practical incentive to convert.  Another aspect of this brilliant idea of the Islamic idea-collection is that the tax (often 25% of income) takes money away from the non-Muslims and their competing idea-collections and makes that money available to support Islam.  That was a major source of revenue for the early jihads.  This third class citizens/slaves status under Islam is called Dhimmitude, a term coined by Bat Ye’or.18
            With the rapid expansion of Islam, non-Muslims were the majority in most areas for centuries, therefore a status had to be developed.  The dhimmi status as developed by Muhammad was supposedly codified by the Pact of Umar, the peace treaty with the Christians of Syria by Caliph Umar.  Dhimmitude and destruction of native culture became the pattern for the next 1,400 years.  A dhimma treaty set very strict standards.
            We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, churches, convents, or monks’ cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.
            We shall keep our gates wide open for passersby and travelers.  We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.
            We shall not give shelter in our churches or in our dwellings to any spy nor hide him from the Muslims.
            We shall not teach the Koran to our children.
            We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it.  We shall not prevent any of our kin from entering Islam if they wish it.
            We shall show respect toward Muslims, and we shall rise from our seats when they wish to sit.
            We shall not seek to resemble the Muslims by imitating any of their garments, the turban, footwear, or the parting of the hair.  We shall not speak as they do.
            We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our persons.
            We shall not engrave Arabic inscriptions on our seals.
            We shall not sell fermented drinks.
            We shall clip the fronts of our head.  [keep a short forelock as a sign of humiliation]
            We shall always dress in the same way wherever we may be, and we shall not wear the zunar round our waists.
            We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Muslims. 
            We shall only use clappers in our churches very softly. 
            We shall not raise our voices when following our dead. 
            We shall not show lights on any of the roads of the Muslims or in their markets.         We shall not bury our dead near the Muslims.
            We shall not take slaves who have been allotted to Muslims.
            We shall not build houses overtopping the houses of the Muslims.
Additions included:
            We shall not buy anyone made prisoner by the Muslims.
            We shall not strike a Muslim.
            Whoever strikes a Muslim with deliberate intent shall forfeit the protection of this pact.
            If we in any way violate these undertakings for which we ourselves stand surety, we forfeit our covenant [dhimma], and we become liable to the penalties for contumacy and sedition.
           We accept these conditions for ourselves and for the people of our community, and in return we receive safe-conduct.19

            Dhimmi status was even worse than this listing from the Pact.  Islam was totally dominant in all aspects: government, education, dress, literature, private life.  A dhimmi’s word “could not be used against a Muslim in court and crimes against dhimmis were rarely prosecuted.  The wealth of Islam came from the wealth and labor of the subjugated dhimmis…. Islam is a political system with a divine license to take what is wanted from the dar al harb, the land of war.”20

Islam is a political system with a divine license to take what is wanted from the dar al harb, the land of war.

                    The dhimmis were the intellectual and cultural backbone of the Islamic empire and saved Islam from its own backwardness and produced the wealth of Islam (the so-called Golden Age)21.  Jizya paid for much of the Islamic expansion and when the dhimmis converted or fled, Islam faded.  Bukhari recorded Caliph Umar as saying “You should continue the arrangement made by Mohammed regarding the dhimmis because the taxes they pay fund your children’s future.”22 Jihad cracked open the culture and dhimmitude replaced it with Islam.

                 More than half of Christianity disappeared; half of Hindu culture disappeared; half of Buddhism was annihilated; Zoroastrianism disappeared.  Languages were replaced by Arabic.  The laws, customs, names, and history became extinct.                         When Napoleon invaded Egypt, he found that the Egyptian Arabs did not know anything about the pyramids or temples.  Islam had annihilated even the memory of the pharaohs’ 5,000-year-old culture.23

Islam is primarily an ideology of cultural annihilation.
                                                           -  Citizen Warrior
            All of this is to make competing idea-collections die out over time.  The result is that today there are many “Muslim countries.”  Yet almost all other countries have communities of different religions.

             There is NO GOLDEN RULE IN ISLAM, no right and wrong.  Whatever advances Islam is good; anything that impedes it is bad.  There are explicit double standards.  Islam provides one standard for Muslims but a different one for non-Muslims, thereby always giving the advantage to the Muslims within a Muslim country, another incentive to convert. 

There is NO GOLDEN RULE IN ISLAM, no right and wrong.  Whatever advances Islam is good; anything that impedes it is bad.

            As we have seen, when Muslims feel that Islam is defamed in any way, they react violently.  Even to cartoons!  They use this to intimidate and force compliance by fear.  Yet Muslims can and should defame Jews and Christians on Muslim television and in newspapers, and they regularly defame any infidel or enemy, such as in the US today, or killing people over cartoons or the staff at Charlie Hebdo.  It is forbidden for a Muslim to kill a Muslim (except for just cause), but it is not forbidden to kill a kafir.  
            We protect Saudi Arabia (ever since FDR met Abdul Aziz) and via oil created their gold-plated desert wonderland.  Yet the Wahhabis, the partners of the royal family, pour billions of dollars into building mosques in the US and all over the free world with the intention to impose the Law of Muhammad (sharia).  However, in Saudi Arabia, no non-Muslim religious structures of any type are allowed.  Worldwide, Muslims protest loudly and violently when anyone in Europe or America expresses any opposition to building more mosques.  Islamic supremacists are so arrogant that they do not see the irony.  They do not recognize the obvious double standard.  After all, they are slaves to Allah and everyone else is just deluded.  Any equality or fairness with useless infidels would be out of place.  From that myopic perspective, double standards are completely appropriate.
            The principle of double standards is a key part of the idea-collection and has greatly assisted the spread of Islam and the suppression of competing religions or ideologies.
            The brilliance of the Islamic idea-collection can be admired as an intellectual abstract, but it is terribly real.  Untold millions of people strive to follow these ideas and their belief is strongly supported by the power of Muhammad’s Law (sharia).  The stealth jihad, the invasion of the West is underway, yet it is so cleverly done, most Westerners are not aware of what is happening to them.  The advent of multiculturalism (stupid respect for all other cultures), tolerance, political correctness, and the idiotic term “Islamophobia” have left the civilized world unfamiliar with Islam and blind to the attack on their very way of life.
            How did Muhammadism become so privileged, the only ideology (masquerading as a religion) that cannot be criticized?  Daniel Greenfield analyzed it brilliantly writing that, although it operates under the term religion, “legally speaking it actually enjoys all of the advantages of race, religion and culture with none of the disadvantages.”  Any criticism is denounced as racist, although it is not a race.  The created term “Islamophobia” equates criticism with racism so critics are denounced as “bigots” or “racists.”  “Islam is a theocracy”… and “rejects religious freedom.”   By switching from race to religion and back, “It makes no concessions to the freedom of others while demanding maximum religious accommodation.’  Muhammadism can be promoted positively as a culture.  “Leftists prefer to see Islam as a culture”… which “allows them to project” their own ideology of social justice.  “Like a magician using misdirection these transformations from religion to race, from race to culture and from culture to religion, distract Americans from asking what Islam really believes.”25  

Islamists organizations have figured out how [to] lock in every advantage of race, religion, and culture while expeditiously shifting from one to the other to avoid any of the disadvantages.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Daniel Greenfield

            In an Islamic state, everyone practices the doctrine (or they are flogged, taxed, or killed) and there is no criticism, via friends or any media, resulting in an enormous psychological impact.  In barely three generations, any thinking outside of Islam would be almost impossible for any Muslim living in that state.  Islam is the greatest  brainwashing operation in the history of man.

Islam is the greatest brainwashing operation in the history of man.

            The submission and resulting fatalism of the totalitarian superiority status that Muhammadism seeks as a total way of life disguised behind a façade of religion are critical weaknesses of Islam.  This can be seen in their reliance on InshAllah (Allah willing) which removes reason and permits them to deny responsibility.
              Islam is not a true monotheistic religion; it is more a cult of a mythical Muhammad, a totalitarian ideology with only a façade of religion.  The vengeful Allah is not the Christian-Judean merciful God, but is more a creation of Muhammad, or Muhammad himself (MuhAllah), or perhaps many politicians over two centuries.
            There may be moderate Muslims but there is no moderate Islam and probably never will be.
            This is only a very brief overview of Islam.  There are many sources that provide deeper coverage.  I want to thank Citizen Warrior for his outstanding presentation, “The Terrifying Brilliances of Islam” for his concept of doctrine as an idea-collection and its application to Islam.26   

1.  David Goldman wrote, “Personally, I find most convincing the argument by the German convert to Islam, Prof. Muhammed Sven Kalisch, that the Prophet Mohammed did not exist in the first place – at least not a man who in any way resembles the figure portrayed in the standard Muslim account.  That is in some ways beside the point: there is no divine-human encounter in Islam, no revelation, only the selection of a human mouth as the loudspeaker by which Allah declares his Koran.  Allah could as well have employed a talking rock.  The Muslim god therefore remains utterly remote from humans, unconstrained in power and arbitrary in his actions. It is Allah's caprice that electrons spin around an atom's nucleus, or that planets describe an ellipsis around the sun. David P. Goldman, “Why Can't Muslims Laugh at Mohammed?” Asia Times Online, 5 May 2015.  ttp://www.meforum.org/5220/muslims-laughter.  
2.  The term psychopath is not used lightly.  Dr. Robert D. Hare developed his Psychology Checklist – Revised (PCL-R) which has “20 items that measure central elements of the psychopathic character” – some are below:
      *  glib and superficial charm grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
      *  need for stimulation
      *  pathological lying
      *  cunning and manipulativeness
      *  lack of remorse or guilt
      *  shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
      *  callousness and lack of empathy
      *  parasitic lifestyle
      *  poor behavioral controls
      *  sexual promiscuity
      *  early behavior problems
      *  impulsivity
      *  failure to accept responsibility for own actions
      *  many short-term marital relationships
      *  criminal versatility http://www.minddisorders.com/Flu-Inv/Hare-Psychopathy-Checklist.html#ixzz3a3OS7c9d.
Also psychologist Hervey Cleckley, in his 1941 The Mask of Sanity, had 16 traits of psychopaths including:
      *  superficial charm and good intelligence
      *  lack of remorse and shame
      *  pathological egocentricity
      *  incapacity for love.
3.  There are differences of opinion as to the god of his Quraysh Tribe whether it was the moon god al-Ilah (god of the Bedouins, which could also be allah) or Hubal or Baal which was an idol brought from the north, one of the 360 gods worshiped by Arab tribes in pre-Islamic Arabia, though most evidently believed (or came to believe after Muhammad purified allah) in a supreme god, Allah.  The history is compounded by language differences and translations. 
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26. Most citations in this chapter can be found in my books Radical Islam at War with World, Death by a Thousand Cuts, the books by Bill Warner at the Center for Political Islam, books by Robert Spencer, and many more. “The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam” is at Appendix B, Death by a Thousand Cuts and at his web site. www.citizenwarrior.com.  

Radical Muslim
one who kills infidels in name of jihad
one who wants to and will kill you
a practicing Muslim

 Moderate Muslim
one who approves of killing infidels in name of jihad
one who wants a radical Muslim to kill you
a non-practicing Muslim, but also considered an Apostate of Islam

 MINOs - Muslim In Name Only
“fellow travelers” - reject violence and most of Islam
 but by being acquiescent, they are irrelevant


 A good Muslim is a bad Muslim

 The irony is that if a Muslim were supposedly good – that is not hell bent on ruling the world – he would, by definition, be going against the precepts of Islam and thus would be guilty of blasphemy and therefore a bad Muslim. 
He would in effect be a MINO, a Muslim In Name Only.

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