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Richard Hobbs

The world is full of problems: terrorism, wars, ethnic cleansing, crime, drugs, overpopulation, famine, unemployment, disease, illegal immigration, unwed mothers. Don't you want a better world? This book is a citizen's handbook to make your voice heard in an effort to bring order to this new world disorder. It contains options for action and names, addresses, phone/fax numbers of key people and organizations. This is a guide for action for all concerned citizens, whether in government at any level, in business, working, teaching, studying, or at home, so that the people can make a difference in determining our future. 

Publisher: ColDoc Publishing
Format: Soft Cover
ISBN#: 0-9647788-6-6
Pages: 256
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price US: $19.95

You and the New World Order

How You Can Influence the Alarming and Growing International and Domestic Problems