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Radical Islam at War with the World
Do we want Dhimmitude - third class citizens/slaves under Islam - or do we want to be free?
It is Our Choice

Richard Hobbs


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 FRONT/CONTENTS (from the book)

To Diane, Deanna, Christian, and Lily
With the hope that they will know a world in peace


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About the Author

Chapter 1 Enough Is Enough

Chapter 2 Islam - A Primer

Chapter 3 Dhimmitude

Chapter 4 The Cult of Muhammad
     Muhammad - the Early Years
     The Warlord - Muhammad in Medina
     Did Muhammad Exist?
     The Legacy of Muhammad

Chapter 5 Muhammad and Women in Islam
     Adultery Rape
     Sex Slavery
     Female Genital Mutilation
     Temporary Marriages
     Child Marriages
     Sex and the Frustrated Muslim
     Gender Segregation
     Honor Killings
     Harassment/Abuse of Women

 Chapter 6 Hell and Paradise
     Fear and Obey

Chapter 7 Jihad
      The Dogma of Jihad
      Similarity to Fascism and Communism

Chapter 8 Sharia
     Sharia - Islamic Law
     Fusion of Islam and State
     Sharia-Compliant Finance
     Apostasy and Blasphemy

Chapter 9 The Third Jihad - World War IV
     1979 - Muslim Reawakening
     The Third Jihad
     Know Your Enemy
     The So-Called War on Terror

Chapter 10 Islam on the March
      Radical Islamic Organizations
      Al Qaeda
      Al Qaeda in Iraq
      Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
      Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
     Al Qaeda in Libya
     Al Qaeda in Syria
     Tablighi Jamaat
     Muslim Brotherhood
     Jemaah Islamiyah
     The Islamic Republic of Iran
     Hizb ut-Tahrir
     Boko Haram
      Terrorists of Militant Muslims

Chapter 11 Muslim Invasion of Europe - Eurabia
     No-Go Zones
      Violence and Terror
      Sharia and Dhimmitude
      Europe's Rising Islamophobia

Chapter 12 Islam in America
      Tablighi Jamaat
      Jamaat ul Fuqra
      The Fethullah Gulen Movement
      US Prisons
      Muslim Brotherhood
      Muslim Students Association
      North American Islamic Trust
      Islamic Society of North America
      Muslim Public Affairs Council
      Muslim American Society - Islamic Circle of North America
      Council on American-Islamic Relations
      Muslim Brotherhood Documents and Holy Land Foundation Trial
      American Muslim Council
     Fiqh Council of North America
     International Institute of Islamic Thought
     American Muslim Task Force

Chapter 13 Islamic Infiltration into US Society
     Education System
     US Government
     Sleeper Cells

Chapter 14 Multiculturalism - Non-Assimilation





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 The original title for this book was “Dhimmitude or Freedom?- It is Our Choice.” However, my wife and daughter talked me out of it since very few people know what dhimmitude is. Bat Ye'or created the term dhimmitude to express the subordinate/slave status of those who have fallen under the control of Islam.

Sun Tzu advised thousands of years ago to know your enemy. If you do not acknowledge who your enemy is, you are well on the way to losing. Unfortunately, that is the current stance of our political and military leaders. They believe we are fighting some mysterious terrorist organizations who have hijacked a supposedly peaceful religion called Islam. They could not be more wrong.

Perhaps part of the explanation for their ignorance is their lack of knowledge of history. For most of the period from the end of World War I through the Cold War, Islam was not a subject. Our leaders may have heard about the Barbary Pirates, but probably as romantic figures, not as the evils of Islam. But Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers knew. Alexis de Tocqueville and Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt knew. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk knew and he condemned Islam as unfit for a progressive state and separated the mosque and state (but unfortunately the current government under Recep Tayyip Erdogan is re-Islamizing Turkey). But later in the 20th Century, the multiculturalists and the liberals imposed their politically correct ideas and pronounced that Islam was just another religion and should not be criticized. That is when most of the current leadership went to school and our schools failed to teach about the First Jihad when the Arabs swept out of Arabia and brutally conquered much of the then Christian and Hindu and Buddhist world and was only stopped in the West by Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer) at Tours, or about the Second Jihad - the Ottoman Empire - which sprang out of Turkey and was only stopped by King Jan Sobieski at the gates of Vienna. Since Ataturk abolished the caliphate in 1924, Islam just has not been on Western minds. But the Muslims were not asleep. The Muslim Brotherhood was formed in 1928, Saudi Arabia was created in the 1930s with a union of the Sauds and the radical Wahhabis which continues to this day. The fall of the Shah of Iran brought the brutal theocratic regime of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan brought the mujahedin, al Qaeda, and turmoil in the Middle East. However, the West still did not wake up.

We are in total denial. We must first realize that Islam is not a religion as we think of religions. It is a totalitarian ideology with only a façade of religion. It is based on hatred and violence and never was peaceful and never will be. We must understand that the terrorist groups al Qaeda, HezbAllah, etc. are practicing “true Islam” and their violent activities are what Islam directs them to do and that has not changed in 1,400 years. This ideology is a threat to the world and our naive thinking is a threat to the national security of the United States, as well as the rest of the Free World. In addition with our ignorance, we are putting the future of our children at risk. The world will never know peace until this ideology is declared a threat to the world and treated like fascism and communism.

The more one studies Islam, the more disturbing it becomes. The world has suffered from history's greatest psychological warfare campaign over the past 1,400 years. The constant mantra that Islam is a religion of peace has been so ingrained that we even have presidents expounding it. Muslims themselves do not realize how thoroughly they have been brainwashed.

Nicolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist who has worked extensively with Muslim boys. He has written about the drastic effects of Muslim inbreeding, the practice of marrying first cousins, and the psychology of jihad. He recently wrote “Psychology: Why Islam creates monsters” (Jihad Watch, 27 September 2013). He sees classical brainwashing methods in the upbringing and indoctrinating Islamic values in children as early as possible. Pain and repetition are traditionally used to brainwash people into believing or doing things that are against their own natural instincts - such as hating or killing innocents. Violence, repetition, and intimidation are prevalent in Muslim families. Threats and physical pain are often the preferred tool in raising children.“This is why so many Muslim girls grow up to accept violence in their marriage, and why Muslim boys grow up to learn that violence is acceptable.” Parents are concerned about the religion of their children due to the threat of death under sharia if they were to renounce Islam. Combined with constant repetition of verses from the Qur'an both at home and at schools, it is very difficult for children to fend off Islam and what children learn young is enormously difficult to change later in life. This creates an inhumane nature in Islam and “obvious inability to equip its followers with humor, compassion and other attractive qualities.”

In addition to the classical brainwashing methods, Sennels notes that the culture generates four psychological characteristics that further enable and increase violent behavior: anger, self-confidence, responsibility for oneself, and intolerance. In the West, anger is considered a sign of weakness, but in Muslim culture, anger is much more accepted and intimidation is seen as a strength. We learn to handle criticism as self-confidence. As we have seen, Muslims consider criticism, no matter how true, as an attack on their honor and it must be silenced. “Muslims almost never attempt to counter criticism with logical arguments; instead, they try to silence the criticism by pretending to be offended or by name-calling, or by threatening or even killing the messenger.” We have observed that Muslims never take responsibility for their actions because everything is predetermined by Allah - their “InshAllah” - if Allah wills. This leads to their Muslim victim mentality. Finally, we are quite aware of Muslim intolerance. They have been brainwashed into thinking they are superior to non-Muslims and that they are destined to dominate non-Muslims. The demeaning and hateful verses in the Qur'an and Hadith against kafirs (non-Muslims) are similar to the propaganda leaders use to prepare their people for war and to kill an enemy. Killing people is much easier if you hate them and do not consider them human. [Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam points out that one-half of the Qur'an is about kafirs.]

Sennels wrote that there are so many psychological factors pushing Muslims to a violent attitude toward non-Muslims that a violent clash is inevitable. He sees no possibility of turning it around and estimates that “we will not be able to deflect or avoid this many-sided, aggressive movement against our culture.” He ended with if we are educated, we “can become focused and organized concerning the preservation of our values and constitutions, can win this ongoing conflict started by the often inbred followers of sharia.The big question is how much of our dignity, our civil rights, and our blood, money and tears will we lose in the process.”

This is a civilizational war and Islam is not compatible with civilization. The confrontation will come and if we delay too long, it will be catastrophic. We are facing an unending jihad - mujahedin versus kafirs - against civilization which drives to establish a single unified caliphate with no specific timetable, but with many coordinated and uncoordinated actions, all leading to the same goal, a world under sharia rule.

If Charles Martel and King Jan Sobieski could do it, then with gallant leaders, we can do it again. Let us pledge to try. We need to wake up and face this threat. My original title was correct.

Reno, Nevada
October 2013

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Richard Hobbs graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1954 and entered the Infantry. As a paratrooper, Ranger, and Pathfinder, he had various troop assignments, including attending the British Jungle School in Malaya during the Emergency and in charge of Tropical Training for the 25th Division in Hawaii. He was selected as one of the original Olmsted Scholars and attended the University of Lyon in France receiving the degree of Docteur de l'Université in international law and international relations.

Two tours were spent in Viet-Nam (one year each) advising Vietnamese paratroopers, serving as Executive to the Deputy Commander in Viet-Nam, managing a large fire base, and commanding a US infantry battalion. Instead of attending the Army War College, he was an Army Research Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. He had the pleasure of working with Admiral Arleigh Burke, the Founder of CSIS, and Dr. Alvin Cottrell. During that time he worked on a conference about the Western Mediterranean and reworked his thesis from Lyon which was later published by Westview Press as THE MYTH OF VICTORY What Is Victory In War? with a Foreword by Admiral Burke.

After serving in the Pentagon, his last assignment was as Politico-Military Advisor in the Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs in the Department of State in Washington. He was responsible for politico-military activities in international relations and military assistance to the Middle East during the period after the 1973 War. He retired from the Army as a colonel after 27 years.

Entering the business world, he joined Teledyne serving in various positions for over 10 years including Vice President - International where he worked with the Departments of State, Commerce, and Defense and the embassies on international policy questions and export licenses. During those years, he continued to work with the Middle East, travelling in the area, particularly Egypt, every few months and extensively through Africa.

He established his own consulting firm, Service International Ltd., for international business development which he moved to Reno in 1991. There he ran an export-import company for a while, built a slot machine, and taught courses in international politics and international conflict for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno. In addition to the large amount of teaching in the military, he had served as Assistant Professor of International Relations on the faculty of the Department of Social Sciences at West Point.

He wrote several more books including YOU AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER How You Can Influence the Alarming and Growing International and Domestic Problems, WORLD WAR IV AND BEYOND Islamofascism, the Third Jihad, and other threats to the USA, He wrote a number of articles for Pharaohs magazine and DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS Islam, Fiscal Irresponsibility, and other Threats to Destroy America. He wrote a number of articles for Pharaohs magazine in Cairo. He hosted a call-in radio program, World In Conflict, for three years in Reno and recorded additional programs in 2011. Several presentations were made to the National Security Forum in Reno.

<With an ongoing interest in national and international affairs, he wrote this book as a follow on to World War IV and Beyond and Death by a Thousand Cuts to highlight the threat of radical Islam to our republic. We must remember that the United States is not a democracy but a constitutional republic. Citizens need to be fully informed and understand Islam so that they can play their role in the momentous decisions of our times. ï¿½His desire is to encourage people to take part in the political process and make their voices heard so that the active few cannot impose their views due to the apathy of the many.

 Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.
-- Winston Churchill

Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.
-- Pericles (430 B.C.)

Only the dead have seen the end of war.
-- Plato

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Chapter 1

Enough Is Enough

 America is Tired of Islamic Intolerance
Intolerance is itself a form of
violence and an obstacle to the
growth of a true democratic spirit.

-- - Gandhi

 In the Muslim community, the holy war is
a religious duty, because of the universalism
of the (Muslim) mission and the (obligation
to) convert everybody to Islam either by
persuasion or by force... Islam is under
obligation to gain power over nations.

-- - Ibn Khaldun, 15th Century

 An American ambassador was killed in Libya and our government, including the President, the Secretary of State, and the UN Ambassador, lied claiming it was a result of protests over an obscure video about Muhammad (the video may actually be accurate but that is not important). There were no protests - protesters do not usually carry mortars and RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades)! A heroic 14-year-old girl is shot in Pakistan for wanting an education and the Taliban vowed to shoot her again if she survives. [She went on to speak at the United Nations.] Almost two hundred were killed after cartoons of Muhammad were published in a Danish newspaper; embassies were burned, and Danish products boycotted. Recent cartoons in a French paper have generated more violence. Any excuse or no pretext will suffice to generate Muslim violence against infidels. Muslims demand respect but they do not respect others. They insist that everyone else be tolerant of their views but they are intolerant of all others. It is getting old!

 Christians are being oppressed and driven out of Muslim countries, including Egypt and Iraq, where we spent massive national treasure and the blood of thousands of our military. Christians are being slaughtered in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram. Masked gunmen roused college students in the middle of the night in Nigeria; “separated the Christian students from the Muslim students” and then shot them or slit their throats.[1] With all our great expenditures in Afghanistan, there are no churches there (same in Saudi Arabia). The last synagogue in Egypt has been closed. Yet Western Christians and Jews barely raise their voices to support their brethren. Many have become conditioned to Muslim threats of violence and are intimidated and thus hesitate to inflame these wild ones. Another part is the terrible ignorance of Islam by non-Muslims. It was five centuries before the Qur'an was translated into Latin and five more centuries before there was another translation. The first translation of a Sira (biography of Muhammad) into English was not until the 17th Century. The major hadith (sayings and actions of Muhammad) of Bukhari was not translated until the 20th Century.[2] This follows Islamic teaching that infidels are not to know about Islam. Such ignorance is dangerous. Never was Sun Tzu's advice more imperative: Know your enemy!

Dr. Laurie Roth wrote about the Ground zero mosque just being the tip of the iceberg. “Islam is in the process of taking over all of America and transforming her to an Islamic republic observing Sharia law.” She calls it an insult to the 9/11 victims and an “arrogant and continued push of radical Islam behind the poisonous veil of peace and religious rights.” She expressed concern about the massive growth of Saudi and Iranian backed mosques in the US which has “nothing to do at all with Religious rights but is an arrogant and calculated plan to take over, capture and dominate America for Islam.” She summed it up, “America, wake up! I want to know what is going on in the 6000 mosques, hiding behind 'freedom of speech.' I think it is high time American authorities stop waxing so polite and intimidated and start tracking what is being said and taught in US mosques and schools, then having the guts and clarity to shut more than a few down.”[3]

Islam has continuously revealed that it is really a Government dictatorship package housed in the skeleton of a Religion.
- Dr. Laurie Roth

Citizen Warrior illustrated the “infuriating cleverness of orthodox Muslims” by comparing them to the psychiatric patient in the movie, What About Bob? They have to stress that they are oppressed and persecuted and of course must “defend” themselves. The stealth jihad tries to evoke pity portraying themselves “as innocent victims of wrongdoing.” They use taqiyya [Muslim permission to dissemble or lie] masterfully as deceit. Leaders say one thing to Western media and the opposite to Muslims. “You see them speaking peace and tolerance to Westerners and two days later vigorously preaching jihad against the West to their fellow Muslims.” They push for concessions for their “special requirements” or “their unique religion” or because they have been persecuted or whatever excuse and this “leads to Islamization of society.” They appear to be nice but ”Islamic countries are often very friendly to Western countries while at the same time whipping up national hatred against those same Western countries on Islamic television stations, and funding global jihad.”[4]

A recent example was shown by our “friends” in Afghanistan. “Afghanistan's senate voted to cut the word 'friendship' from a pact with France because Islamic texts say it cannot be used to describe relations between Muslims and infidels.” “Some senators said that based on Sharia rulings we cannot use the word friendship with infidels, so after voting the word friendship was replaced with relationship.”[5] Of course, this is straight out of the Qur'an: ”O you who believe! do not take the Jews and Christians for friends; they are friends to each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them.” Qur'an V:51.

They exploit our weaknesses. ”They immigrate into free countries and then use the democratic process and rights of free speech to agitate against those freedoms and seek to subvert democracy.”They regularly exploit multicultural beliefs to gain concessions. We hope the problem will just go away but “Islamic supremacists are insinuating themselves more and more thoroughly into Western societies.” They are very skillful and keep it concealed. Referring to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), “They have successfully fooled most people in America that they represent moderate, peace-loving Muslim Americans.” This is a long war. “Orthodox Muslims find every crack in the wall they can find and work their way in. And they twist every event and utterance to their purpose. They will not stop, they will not tire, and they have nothing else to live for. This is it. This is the meaning of their existence: Islam must win. Islam must dominate all other cultures, all other religions, all other governments. Allah wills it.” Muslims “have created 'legitimate,' mainstream organizations that lobby Washington and 'represent the Muslim community' to governments and to the media, and yet have a secret agenda, revealed at the recent Holy Land Foundation Trial, of conquering America from within.”[6]

Efforts have been made to try to find a “moderate Muslim,” but that would have to be a Muslim who “rejects 97% of the references to jihad in the Hadith” and would have to reject the cult of Muhammad. He would also have to reject “the intolerance, hatred, and violence toward non-Muslims” in the Qur'an and “reject the subordinated position of women.” We need to “stop coddling the so-called moderates. We need to be forthright and say, 'you either stridently reject jihad or we will assume you embrace it.'” Vague assurances are not acceptable. “Muslims need to be clear and explicit, and we need to demand that of them. Anything less will not do, and if they want to whine and complain about it, too bad.” We understand Islam and the ideology and we “don't want you running the country or involved in law enforcement or teaching my children or writing textbooks or working in counterterrorism or joining the military, unless you can assure me of what parts of that ideology you reject.” It is time for America to wake up. “Muslims must feel the heat. They must realize they have to come right out and say, 'Yes, there is a political agenda in Islam, and I completely reject it' or they will not be welcomed or trusted or invited to any 'interfaith dialogs for peace and understanding.'” Many Muslim leaders have been asked to sign the Freedom Pledge but few have (1.3%). “We must make this clear to every Muslim: If you do not openly reject jihad in all its forms, we must assume you abide by it and believe in it, and we will have to treat you accordingly.”[7] There is the irony of the statement that “a good Muslim is a bad Muslim!” The point being that if a Muslim were supposedly good - that is decent and not hell bent on ruling the world - he would, by definition, be going against the precepts of Islam and thus would be guilty of blasphemy and therefore a bad Muslim. He would in effect be a MINO, a Muslim In Name Only.

 There may be moderate Muslims, but Islam itself is not moderate.
- Ibn Warraq

 Trying to identify “moderate” Muslims raises a very troubling truth. Even if the majority of Muslims just want to live in peace, like Germans under Hitler or Russians under Stalin, they are entirely irrelevant. The truth is that fanatics [true believers, followers of the example of Muhammad and the cult that has emerged over the centuries] rule Islam. It is the fanatics who are marching, killing, beheading, stoning, raping, honor killing, and teaching the young to kill and become suicide bombers. The “peaceful majority” or “silent majority” is cowed, intimidated, extraneous, silent, and therefore irrelevant. Russians may have just wanted to live in peace but the Communists killed 20 million people. Likewise with the Chinese, but their Communists killed 70 million people. Japanese killed 12 million. Muslims have killed 270 million: 120 million Africans, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, and 10 million Buddhists.[8] Many “peace-loving” people have died because the peaceful majority failed to speak up until it was too late. As we have seen with American Muslims supporting Hamas, HezbAllah, attacking Jews, or protesting the cartoons, American Muslims are no different from the rest.

Dr. Peter Hammond wrote a study of how Islamization progresses as the Muslim community grows. As the Muslim population grows they agitate for more special considerations progressing from gangs to lawlessness to intimidation and violent jihad until they reach 100% as in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia.[9] Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute developed computer models of various social networks. They “found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.”[10] Bill Warner wrote an interesting study of how former civilizations have been annihilated and the relentless march toward 100% Muslim populations. He prepared charts showing the progress over the centuries in several countries.

 Today we see another approach to dealing with the Islam of annihilation. We ignore the history of annihilation and say that all we need to do is love Muslims and we will live in harmony, a wonderful multicultural civilization. A history of 1400 years without a single exception to the rule of annihilation and we will repeal it with a smile and a hug. All you need is love; love is all you need; all you need is love; love is all you need. Repeat that again and again, it will make a doctrine and history of annihilation go away. Actually, the way it works is that the history is never known. It is a cliché to say that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. It is a cliché but it is true. We have our foot on the path to annihilation today because we refuse to know history.

What is the lesson?Islam, peaceful Islam, is about destruction of all Kafir civilization. Only if the Kafirs realize the goal of Islam is annihilation of their culture, can the destruction be stopped. Islam is at war with Kafirs , and Kafirs are trying to “nice” their way out of destruction. Islam is at war, we are at nice. Mohammed has a dream that is coming true while we sleep. [Emphasis added][11]

Our ignorance of history provides disturbing parallels between the appeasement of Hitler and Nazism in the 1930s and the treatment of Islam and Muhammad today. British leaders would not even accept their own intelligence and the prime minister's “silence, his refusal to see, hear, and speak no evil of the Nazi chancellor was characteristic of the response among England's ruling classes.” (p. 103) “The real problem was that the most powerful and influential men in Britain were determined not to offend Hitler.” (p. 125) It was all about love and peace. No one except Churchill ever read Mein Kampf; how many of our leaders have read the Qur'an and studied the Hadith and the Sira? The media self-censored all bad news about the Nazis and refrained from reporting Nazi evil because “if they were published Hitler would be offended.” (p. 399) History is repeating itself with our current fearful and ignorant political, media, university, and religious leaders' treatment of Islam and Muhammad.[12] Among the problems of our lack of understanding of Islam is our failure to comprehend jihad. We have been focused on terror &#45; the bombings and killings - but the more insidious jihad, the stealth jihad, the gradual takeover of America and the slow imposition of sharia, is much more dangerous. We have already started down this slippery slope by banning the term “war on terror” and replacing it with ridiculous labels like “global contingency operations” and “man-caused disasters.” We accommodate and make concessions to Muslims such that sharia gradually destroys our laws and our values and could lead to “the destruction of our Constitution, our form of government and our way of life. Islam is subverting our way of life without guns and bombs, and we seem to be totally unaware of what is transpiring. We are building our own gallows and putting the noose around our neck, without even knowing it.”[13]

The purpose of jihad is not to blow up buildings and kill infidels. Its purpose is to institute Shariah.
- - Andrew C. McCarthy

 The true purpose of jihad is not violence but to impose sharia. If a battle can be won without firing a shot, so much the better. It is like extortion, mafia-style with resort to breaking knees only occasionally. Even Sayyid Qutb, a major proponent of violent jihad, saw its need only when the march of Islam was obstructed. Thus, like a bank robber, violence is only necessary if non-violence fails. We see with the Muslim Brotherhood that the work of the Ikhwan in the US is stated as a grand jihad to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within. Violence helps because the idiotic, childish reaction to the cartoons of Muhammad and similar outbursts condition the infidels to be careful and not dare to excite the wild Muslims.

The list of “little” concessions and accommodations is quite long. We have reached the point where the government has purged the terms “Islamofascism” and “jihad” from public use. Major efforts are underway to “criminalize and create civil liability for criticism of Islam.” These concessions and accommodations are “undermining our own society and values.” These people have no right for such special treatment and our government should not be “partnering” with radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood which “mean our society mortal harm, even if they're not blowing up buildings. The main challenge today is not protecting the buildings; it's protecting ourselves from what's going on inside the buildings.”[14]

We have the recent case of Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley being fired for teaching facts about Islam at the Joint Forces Staff College. He was personally attacked by Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who ruined Dooley's career in violation of the principle of free speech and specifically of the regulations at the college providing academic freedom.Political correctness has come to dominate honesty.

We have noted that Sun Tzu exhorted us to Know your Enemy, but we still refuse to name our enemy. The 9/11 Commission Report stated the perpetrators and their ideology and “used the word Islam 322 times, Muslim 145 times, jihad 126 times, and jihadist 32 times.” This contrasts with the August 2009 National Intelligence Strategy which “uses the term Muslim 0 times, Islam 0, and jihad 0.” Likewise, the FBI Counterterrorism Analytical Lexicon “uses the term Muslim 0 times, the term Islam 0 times, and the term jihad 0 times.”[15] How can we possibly win a war when we refuse to name the enemy? It is the height of naiveté and stupidity not to identify those who announce they want to destroy us, our institutions, and our way of life.

 It is harder to fight terrorists than it is to fight stupidity.

 Diana West gave an interesting speech, “Possessing Freedom is Not Enough - We Must Exercise Our Freedom to Preserve it.” She spoke of the “effect of Islam on speech in America” and how Americans have come to censor themselves. She gave the example of President Bush's use of the word “crusade” after 9/11, a word that has come to mean “any moral fight for right” in English.Yet it was quickly withdrawn and “regretted” because it might “alienate” Muslims. This psychological victory certainly encouraged “the Organization of the Islamic Conference's continuing efforts to outlaw all criticism of Islam.” In June 2011, the OIC changed its name to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It consists of the 56 Muslim nations plus the Palestinians and is particularly active in the UN. It was the OIC that campaigned for UN Resolution 16/18 which seeks to criminalize any criticism of Islam which has the full support of the Obama Administration and was promoted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This is appeasing Islam. It has continued. The attack on the Taliban was originally called Operation Infinite Justice, but was changed to Operation Enduring Freedom because Muslims complained that only Allah dispenses infinite justice (obviously he does not dispense freedom!). Our media are so politically correct that they rarely mention Muslims, Islam, jihad or other appropriate words when reporting Muslim atrocities, refusing to recognize “the gross incompatibility of Islamic ideology with Western liberty.”They are so scared of “giving offense” so as “not to criticize Islam” that we seem to be conducting a “war against alienating Islam” - “fighting for Islam. It calls us to self-censorship, self-abnegation, self-extinguishment. It depends on and encourages our submission. This is the behavior of the dhimmi and the culture of dhimmitude.” As she said, “Honestly, I don't think Americans realize they're engaged in such a suicidal effort, which has even intensified under President Obama.” She does not think Americans have lost their will and would rally to such nonsense, but “we have lost our language to mobilize that will. And very few Americans seem to realize it.” She ended with “it's not enough to possess freedoms. We must learn that it's vital to exercise our freedoms if we want to have any hope of preserving them.” [Emphasis added.][16]

It's not enough to possess freedoms. We must learn that it's vital to exercise our freedoms if we want to have any hope of preserving them.
-- Diana West

We have fallen into the trap of George Orwell's 1984, words are used but often with opposite meanings. We use the term peace, but to Muslims that means when the whole world is Muslim. We are at war with terror; they are at war with infidels (that is all unbelievers including Muslims who are not good enough believers). We think free speech is free; they say it is but it cannot criticize anything in Islam. Their definition of religion is a complete ideology, combining mosque and state, as opposed to our definition of individual spiritual values and the separation of church and state. This constant ploy of Islam is a religion of peace, Islam is a religion just like others, Muslim organizations are just community groups, etc. is all part of a major psychological warfare plan of disinformation.

The president has said we need to be more tolerant, such as with the Ground Zero Mosque, even though 70% of Americans oppose it. Islamic countries have equal rights and vote in the UN but it is not right to say their form of government is as valid as ours. This “religion of peace” has killed 270,000,000 human beings. Islam and sharia enslave women, stone or kill them “to protect the male's honor;” worship virginity via female genital mutilation; and kill those who do not believe in Islam, criticize Islam, or leave it. “Why should I tolerate a form of government, Sharia law, as it infiltrates us seeking to destroy our democracy? I say we should be extremely intolerant of the creeping Sharia influence.” This lady continued, “This is a clash - not of civilizations, because stoning women to death is clearly not in any way a civilized thing to do - but a clash between our freedoms and Sharia law.” She ended with “The free world needs to become completely intolerant of any religious intolerance.”[17] We still have Muslim women trying to force employers to permit them to wear the hijab at work whether at Disney or an airline desk. The hijab is un-American and we do not need it![18]

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.
-- Thomas Mann

We have been tolerant of Islam for too long. There are rules of decency and human rights and we should not accept any violations. We need to stop being politically correct and permitting atrocities in the name of a phony “religion.” Examples of Muslim intolerance appear daily around the world. Whether it is rioting and murdering over cartoons, burning cities, burning churches, murdering people because of their religion, bombing and killing, or just complaining about some phony injustice, Muslim intolerance is unceasing. Ramadan is always a good excuse. In Indonesia, members of the Islamic Defenders Front destroyed a food stall operating during Ramadan and in another location arrested three men having lunch in a restaurant. Public Order Agency officers said, “We had to arrest them because they do not respect other Muslims who are fasting.”[19]

Saudi Arabia threatened to expel non-Muslim expatriates who eat, drink, or smoke in public during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan in July 2013.“Non-Muslim residents in the kingdom must not eat or drink in public during Ramadan, in respect to the holiness of Ramadan and the feelings of Muslims,” [emphasis added] said an interior ministry statement published by the official SPA news agency. Foreigners caught breaking the fast in public “will be subject to deterrent measures that include terminating their employment contracts and expelling them from the kingdom,” the ministry said. It added that “companies, corporations and individuals are required to inform their employees” of the rules. The point to remember of course is that when in Muslim countries, non-Muslims should conform their behavior to Muslim sensibilities. But, arrogantly, also in non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims should conform their behavior to Muslim sensibilities.[20] Reread that carefully; this is the double standard and it is basic to Islam.

Muslims want respect but they do not respect others, since everyone else is a kafir and worthless. Obama adviser Dalia Mogahed, who is also the “Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center (ADGC) for Muslim Studies,” [Is that a conflict of interest?] in a Gallup survey, evidently with John Esposito (an apologist for Islam), called for respect for Islam. Supposedly 72% of Muslims meant by that: “not desecrating the Quran or Islam's religious symbols.” Of course, that would mean curtailing freedom of speech and basically adopting sharia. As usual it is the “responsibility of the West to mend fences with Muslims. There is no hint of any possibility that Muslims might need to adjust their behavior in any way.” It is all our fault![21]

Pamela Geller described it:

Islamic terror? Respect it, Islamophobes!
Clitorectomies? Respect them!
Honor Killings? Respect them!
Persecution of Christians, Jews, Hindus, non-Muslims? Respect it!
Desecration of non-Muslim holy sites? Respect it!
Islamic supremacism? Respect it!
Lack of candor and criticism of Islam? Respect it!
Homicide bombers? Respect them!
Jihad? Respect it!
Jew-hatred? Respect it!
Women as chattel? Respect it!
Burka? Respect it![22]

 Muslims may want respect but they go into childish tantrums over the slightest action which bruises their fragile egos (or they feign it well for the effect they want!). Perhaps we should call thisThe Cult of Perpetual Outrage! Credit probably belongs to Brooks William Kelley, author of The Martyr's Prize, for the term “The Religion of Perpetual Outrage.” “The fact that The Religion of Perpetual Outrage claimed immunity and minority status gave them immunity, at least as far as the major media and various government bodies were concerned.”[23] The book also described that the objective of jihad is to make life impossible for non-Muslims so that they are in constant fear for their lives unless they submit to Islam - “A jihad that could never be defeated because it would be all encompassing; everywhere at once. No focal point to attack with Western military might. Immune, because the West would never engage in genocide; would never outlaw a religion; would never take the steps necessary to defeat such an ideology.”

We tend to think that the Muslim overreaction to cartoons, etc. is childish, but it is actually brilliant psychological warfare to motivate the masses. Citizen Warrior wrote an outstanding description of Islam called “The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam.” He asked why millions of Muslims were dedicated to killing Americans and others. He then went through the doctrine of Islam and developed 26 key components of the “idea-collection” known as Islam. Some of them are:

 * War as an Approved Tactic
* Never Relinquish Lands Once Conquered
* Polygamy to Ensure a Never-Ending Supply of Soldiers
* Don't Criticize or Leave Islam
* The Way to Paradise in Arabic
* Praying & Praying
* A Woman's Plight
* Allah as Editor
* Violence Supersedes Tolerance
* No Right and Wrong, Just “Allowed” and “Dis-Allowed”
* Subjugation of the “Infidel”
* Double Standards - One for me, None for you.

He ends with Islam's “Success” is a Threat to Global Freedom and Mutuality - The Missing Link.

This is such a brilliant exposé of Islam that Citizen Warrior graciously granted my request to print it in full in my book Death by a Thousand Cuts.[24] I urge you to read it in its entirety.

What we have found, but refuse to recognize, is that Muslims are the real “unmeltable ethnics” who will not assimilate. The fact is that “there is no society that has received large numbers of Muslims that has not soon been confronted by an Islamic defiance of existing societal norms.” “Muslims will not be 'melted'.”[25] Various cases of American military men killing their fellow soldiers raised the ugly question of Muslim disloyalty in America. We had Hasan Akbar murdering US soldiers in Kuwait, Nidal Hasan murdering 13 soldiers at Fort Hood, and then Nasser Abdo who was captured before he killed more soldiers at Fort Hood and shouted “Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood, 2009” as he was led from a courtroom.[26] The problem comes from the Qur'an which directs that “Muslims shouldn't kill Muslims” and that “true Muslims do not befriend non-Muslims.” This mandate to be loyal to Muslims and Islam and disloyal to non-Muslims results in these people considering themselves Muslim first and American second - totally unacceptable. This is loyalty in a tribal sense, from the Arab tribal loyalty to the umma, whereby Islam is a “super tribe” above race, nationality, and language.

US Muslim jurists have announced that “It is forbidden to work for the FBI or for U.S. security services because these harm Muslims.” The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America issued a fatwa: it is “not permissible” for US Muslims to send aid, even food, to US troops in Muslim countries. But why are most examples limited to the military? Raymond Ibrahim answered it clearly: “Simple: Islam is primarily concerned with actual deeds; and the military is one of those rare institutions that requires people to demonstrate their loyalty through action.” US terrorist Tarik Shah said, “I could be joking and smiling [with infields] and then cutting their throats in the next second.” We have seen this repeatedly in Afghanistan where police or soldiers have murdered US and NATO soldiers. The ramification of this is not the 0.1% of US Muslims ever in the military, but Muslims in positions of authority in our government agencies, the Congress, or the White House.Remember Taqiyya![27]

Attorney General Eric Holder remarked that the threat of American citizens becoming radicalized and taking up arms against the US is real, and he had confidence in our counter-terrorism efforts, but the bad news is that “The terrorists only have to be successful once.” To argue “that most American Muslims are moderate, and only a few are radical,” does not help our security. It only took 19 for 9/11. “According to Holder, in the last two years, 50 of the 126 people charged with terrorism were U.S. citizens.” If you understand Islam, you know that the ideology “allows for absolutely no national allegiance.”[28] Robert Mueller, as he was retiring from head of the FBI, said they “are concerned” and “are monitoring” a flow of American fighters into the civil war in Syria. “[When] you have individuals who are traveling to those venues you are concerned about, No. 1, about the associations they will make and, secondly the expertise they will develop and whether or not they will utilize those associations, utilize that expertise, to undertake an attack upon the homeland.”

Radical Islamism has come to mock the very principle of nationality and citizenship.
- - Fouad Ajami[30]

 So we should ask, “if American Muslims, who enjoy Western benefits” are still being radicalized, why then do we insist that importing these same benefits to the Muslim world will eliminate its even more ingrained form of 'radicalization'?” Raymond Ibrahim ended with, “America needs to rethink its strategy for the war on terrorism - both at home and abroad. Domestically, this means cracking down without compunction on anything that smacks of Islamist activity, without fear of being 'politically incorrect;' it means better monitoring of jihadist websites which play a major role in radicalizing American Muslims, such as Inspire magazine (which was started by a North Carolina Muslim); and it means exercising prudence when granting visas to people from dubious backgrounds. [Think about the Tsarnaev family and the Boston Marathon murders.] Internationally, it means understanding that the one solution to war promoted by most Western politicians - spreading Western values and ways of governance - is no solution at all.”[31]

A former Muslim wrote, “I left Islam when I understood Islam is a sick and evil religion.” One interesting comment was “the greatest strength of Muslims is that they do not read any site or books that talk against Islam.” He asked, “Who will tell you the truth about Islam?” Muslims, No. “Muslims cannot even see the evil in Islam. The West? The gullible West has no clue.” His answer - only ex-Muslims. “Muslims believe Islam will rule the world, very soon.” He added, “The constitution for the new Islamic Republic of EU and USA is under construction. Welcome to 21st Century Islamic Warfare.” He wrote a list of items “Muslims are able to say with complete confidence:

American laws will protect us.
Democrats and Leftist will support us.
The UNO will legitimize us.
CAIR and MAB will incubate us.
The ACLU will support us.
Western Universities will educate us.
Mosques in the West will shelter us.
OPEC will finance us.
Moderate Muslims will fertilize us.
Hollywood will love us.
Koffi Annan [then UN chief] will publish the politically correct sympathetic statements for Jihadists.
We will use your (West) welfare system.
We will take advantage of American kindness, gullibility, and compassion.
When time comes, we will stab America in the back as we did on 9/11 and 7/7, the Islamic way.
We will say one thing on the camera (Islam is the religion of peace) and teach another thing (Quran 8:12 Terrorize and behead the infidels wherever you find them) to our children at home.
We will teach our children Islamic supremacy from their earliest childhood.
We will take over Europe first and then the U.S. will be the next. We already have a solid ground in the UK, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, and now in the U.S.

Message to the West: until the West identifies, names, and warns the public who the real enemy is, the West won't have a chance to win this war. The real enemy is “Islam.”
- - Abdul Rahman

 Abdul Rahman wrote keep your nukes and tanks, Muslims will build their military “by producing more babies.” “We will use your (Western) values of kindness against you.” No major media reproduced the Muhammad cartoons because they were afraid. “We now have unwritten partial Sharia laws in practice in the USA.” As for the current discussions about sharia, “Using the Western legal system we will assert our Sharia Laws, slowly but surely.”

His message is that “until the West identifies, names, and warns the public who the real enemy is, the West won't have a chance to win this war. The real enemy is 'Islam.'” As long as government leaders “keep saying in public the blatant lie that 'Islam is a religion of peace,' - we run the risk of losing our freedom.”[32]

While it's true that jihadists don't represent most Muslims, they do represent Islam.

 Bosch Fawstin is a writer and cartoonist who calls himself “a recovering Muslim.” He wrote an article about non-Muslim Muslims and stated most Muslims “truly don't care about Islam,” and because of “their silence and inaction against jihad that they're not on our side either.” He made an important observation “that Western analysts of Islam who are the most informed about Islam are also most critical of it, while those least informed are least critical.” Also, “While it's true that jihadists don't represent most Muslims, they do represent Islam.” He claims that our problem is not “Islamophobia,” but “Islamophilia” - a scandal of “uncritical, uninformed, absolute defense of Islam by Western elites.” He ended with “This is war.”[33]

Our problem is not “Islamophobia,” but “Islamophilia” - a scandal of uncritical, uninformed, absolute defense of Islam by Western elites.

 We constantly hear about “moderate” Muslims. As Ibn Warraq said, “There are moderate Muslims. Islam itself is not moderate.” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan replied rather brusquely to a question about “moderate Islam,” “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that's it.” Erdogan is leading the re-Islamization of Turkey overturning the secularization accomplished by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. [Sadly (or naively), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised Turkey as “a democratic country with a secular constitution” during her visit to Ankara in March 2011.] What these people are saying is that “there is no difference between Islam and Islamism.”As Hugh Fitzgerald wrote, “The point is this: Islam really is a dangerous ideology.”[34]

 The point is this: Islam really is a dangerous ideology.
- - Hugh Fitzgerald

 We see how Erdogan is reversing the secularization of Turkey with marginalization of the military and with the arrest of more generals.[35] A former military chief of staff received a life sentence, three members of Parliament were given long terms, and at least 20 journalists were also sentenced.[36] After his election to a third term in 2011, Erdogan has “used the mandate to pursue an authoritarian agenda.” “This moral micromanagement of people's private lives comes amidst an increasingly strident government assault on political and civil liberties. Turkey's record on journalistic and artistic freedoms is abysmal; right of assembly and protest are also increasingly restricted.” He is even trying to change the government to a presidential system so he can continue his control.[37] Erdogan is “restricting access to secular schools to the benefit of Hatip Imam, Islamic schools that focus on Qur'anic studies‰. To erase the country's secularist past.”[38] There was even talk of trying to convert the Hagia Sophia museum, a major Christian symbol, back into a mosque.[39] Erdogan went so far as to claim Israel was behind the coup in Egypt[40] and harassing Obama that a limited attack on Syria would be inadequate. He needed “to topple Bashar al-Assad's regime.”[41] Another case of a country trying to suck us into war to further their interests!

This is in line with the pronouncements of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, “the leading Egyptian cleric,” “the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood,” “one of the most influential scholars in Islam,” “the most well-known legal authority in the whole Muslim world today.” In addition to urging “Muslims to kill the Jews” on Al Jazeera and saying “No peace can be made between us (Muslims) and the non-believers. This what our holy book says. This what Allah says,” he wrote, “Secularism can never enjoy a general acceptance in an Islamic society.” According to Qaradawi, Islam and secularism cannot coexist.

 As Islam is a comprehensive system of worship (Ibadah) and legislation (Shari'ah), the acceptance of secularism means abandonment of Shari'ah, a denial of the divine guidance and a rejection of Allah's injunctions. It is indeed a false claim that Shari'ah is not proper to the requirements of the present age. The acceptance of a legislation formulated by humans means a preference of the humans' limited knowledge and experiences to the divine guidance: 'Say! Do you know better than Allah?' (Qur'an 2:140) For this reason, the call for secularism among Muslims is atheism and a rejection of Islam. Its acceptance as a basis for rule in place of Shari'ah is downright apostasy. [Emphasis added][42]

There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that's it.
- - Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan

 Muslims often criticize non-Muslims for cherry-picking harsh verses from the Qur'an. The sad part is that Muslims who want to be considered “moderate” do the real cherry-picking. They delude themselves by relying on the more moderate verses from the Mecca Qur'an conveniently ignoring the real Islam which Muhammad revealed in Medina. They like the parts where Muhammad was kind to Jews and Christians in Mecca as People of the Book when he was trying to persuade them to accept him as a prophet, but forget his killing of Jews and Christians in Medina. They forget or overlook that as Muhammad lay dying with his head in Aishaœs lap, his final words were to rid Arabia of Jews and Christians. They like the verses about compassion, kindness, and doing good but overlook the subjugation of women, female genital mutilation, honor killing, jihad, sharia, and the objective to rule the world. These so-called “moderates” are not slaves to Allah, they are unthinking slaves to the cult of Muhammad, certainly one of the more interesting figures in history, if he really did exist.[43]

 The result [of the rigidity of Islam] is a climate of intolerance that inhibits the development of the Muslim world to this day.[44]

Problem: The Muslim mind has been closed for over a thousand years. Without a sense of initiative, innovation, risk, responsibility, and reward, people are mental slaves. Muhammad (or the people after him who created Islam) designed it that way; all dictators want order and obedience. Muhammadism is based on the likes and dislikes of one illiterate Arab. Actually, he is the most brilliant illiterate in history. He has over 1.6 billion minds in the chains of his cult who slavishly follow his every utterance and consider him the model of the perfect man.

He has millions memorizing a book which in its original form was a great epic story, but when Caliph Uthman got finished with it, it was a discombobulated, incoherent collection of unrelated parts. It is considered the word of Allah and cannot be changed or critically examined and the book itself, even though it has grammatical mistakes and parts that no one has ever understood, and even the paper any copy is written on, is revered and demands very special handling. That is cultish.

Some think Jews are arrogant, many think Americans are arrogant, but the most arrogant is the cult of Muhammad - deification of an illiterate person from a backward corner of the world with no books and a poor language who proclaimed he was the last prophet and his was the last religion and that there could be no other prophet or religion. “Every Prophet was sent to his nation but only I have been sent to all mankind.” On top of that, he proclaimed that everything before him - scriptures, prophets, history, and art - was irrelevant and of no consequence and worse, it should be destroyed. History starts with Muhammad but history stopped in the 7th century. All before was ignorance (jahiliyyah); all since has no thinking, only total obedience. The Muslim mind was closed and there is only one basic criterion; does an action advance Islam or not? InshAllah! Allah knows best; he decides everything, he is not to be questioned, and his decisions cannot be appealed. This fatalism basically wipes out knowledge and initiative.[45] Allah does not remotely resemble the merciful god of other religions.

 Allah actually appears to be a figment of Muhammad's creative imagination.

The Sacred Law is not the law of Allah; it is the Sacred Law of Muhammad. Throughout the Qur'an, it is “Allah and his Messenger,” but sometimes, it is just the Messenger. It is important to point out from a current highly regarded Islamic text: Allah sent Muhammad, “The Qurayshite unlettered prophet, to deliver His inspired message to the entire world, Arabs and non-Arabs, jinn and mankind, superseding and abrogating all previous religious systems with the Prophet's Sacred Law, except for the provisions of them that the new revelation explicitly reconfirmed. Allah has favored him above all the other prophets and made him the highest of mankind, rejecting anyone's attesting to the divine oneness by saying 'There is no god but Allah,' unless they also attest to the Prophet by saying 'Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.' He has obliged men and jinn to believe everything the Prophet has informed us concerning this world and the next, and does not accept anyone's faith unless they believe in what he has told us will happen after death.” [Emphasis added][46]

Sadly it appears that a large percentage of Muslims are ignorant of the real tenets of their so-called religion, either innocently or through intimidation by the harsh treatment of any dissent within the cult. Their ignorance is exploited by imams, most of whom do understand the cult, and can lead the sheep. Average Muslims may or may not support the legacy of Muhammad - the concept of Dar al-Harb (Land of War) and Dar al-Islam (Land of Submission [Peace by Islamic definition]), the whole world divided between us and them, Muslims and non-Muslims (infidels). But they dare speak out against it only at their own risk. The cult of Muhammad established double standards: one set of rules and ethics for Muslims and another set completely different and intolerant for all non-Muslims (non-believers). A Muslim should treat a fellow Muslim well, but a Muslim should kill a non-Muslim.

The cult of Muhammad established double standards: one set of rules and ethics for Muslims and a completely different set for kafirs (non-Muslims).

The problem with the quixotic Dar al-Islam is that there are different Islams. In addition to Sunnis and Shiites, there are Ismailis, Sufis, Alawites, and many other sects. The Sunni-Shiite divide is bitter at times and is raging again in Syria and Iraq. Saudis call all Shiites “infidels” which is part of the centuries old Arab-Persian rivalry, very current in the leadership struggle for control of the Persian Gulf (and oil). Sunni Islam has always been a march toward Arab supremacism and that collides with the Persian supremacists. They are rivals; they have the same goals but differ on who should be the leaders. That does not mean they cannot work together against a common enemy - the US - as Shiite Iran cooperates with Sunni al Qaeda in Afghanistan[47] to kill American and NATO troops. Islam is interpreted differently in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, but they still kill Christians and drive to dominate. The large state of Nigeria is divided with a Muslim majority in the north where Boko Haram [roughly translated as “Western education is sin”] regularly attacks and kills Christians and burns their churches and is seeking to eliminate Christianity in northern Nigeria.[48] Islam has never been able to unify politically and any further world gains would almost assuredly be met with intra-Islamic competition for power. Thus the myth of the Land of Islam dominating the whole world and the Islamic definition of peace is a bad joke on millions of innocent people.

The myth of the Land of Islam dominating the whole world and the Islamic definition of peace is a bad joke on millions of innocent people.

 In World War III, the Cold War against expansionist Communism, the defeatists or cowards called for “Better Red than Dead.” New age folks who might not want to take a stand might call for “Better Muslim than Dead.” NO! This messianic cult that wants to dominate the world and all people in it can be stopped. We have already seen the beginnings of a backlash in Europe where various governments have tired of Muslim non-assimilation and have tightened immigration policy. The English Defence League, which is anti-Muslim and anti-Sharia, is an example of backlash in England. It formed after Muslims attacked a parade of British troops returning from Afghanistan. Even though it grew from the rather rough football (soccer) crowd, it is indicative of the growing dissatisfaction with Muslim immigrants (from South Asia in England, from North Africa in most of Europe and Turks in Germany). Their Forums issued an interesting paper “If we don't defeat Islam as an ideology it will exterminate us culturally and physically,” edited by Bamiyan, 2 January 2011. It opens with “Islam is an utterly ruthless totalitarian political system disguised as a religion. Islam will literally stop at nothing to achieve its objective of world domination, with all non-Muslims exterminated or enslaved.” It continued, “Consequently, the ideology of Islam MUST be defeated. It must be consigned to the dustbin of history along with those other vicious totalitarianisms - Nazism and Communism. The alternative is our extermination as a civilization, and the whole world being plunged into an endless theocratic Dark Age.” The paper lists a number of possible actions in this new cold war, this ideological war.

The only option for defeating Islam is to undermine it in the same way we undermined communism - by a slow process of ideological warfare.

 We are dealing with ideologues in a war of ideas that has gone on for decades already and likely will for decades more. The legitimacy of their aggressiveness comes from classical Islam, from the Trilogy (the Qur'an, the Hadith, and the Sira). The system needs to be brought into the modern world, but moderates and reformers in the Muslim world are largely marginalized. What makes the changing of beliefs of Muslims difficult or almost impossible is “the fact that there is no culture of dissent or free thought, or a tradition of uninhibited exchange of ideas as in the West.”Compounding this potentially traumatic belief change is the “whole culture of honor and shame: a change in beliefs would bring shame on their family, tribe, and religion.” Ibn Warraq concluded that “we cannot hope to reform Islam without attacking the fundamental tenets of Islam adhered to by Muslims of all colors and stripes, not just Islamists. We shall never make progress until we subject the Koran to the kind of analysis and criticism that was applied to the Bible.”[49] In Part 2, he wrote, “The West is still consumed with post-colonial guilt, is hampered by political correctness, and wishful thinking.”

The additional problem for any potential reform of Islam is that there is no central authority; it is an ideology with no command center that can issue authoritative interpretations or changes.Innumerable sheikhs, muftis, ayatollahs, and imams pronounce their own views plus there are the four major schools of Sunni jurisprudence plus several Shiite. Islam has been divided since the death of Muhammad and there is no likelihood it will ever be united.

Although we had a false sense of calm for a few years after World War I and then the distractions of World War II followed by the Communist War, World War III, we have been at war with Islam for over 30 years. There are over 1.6 billion Muslims in the world now and the number is growing rapidly. But the numbers are irrelevant. It only takes one million, or 100 thousand, or 10 thousand or less to run a revolution. The rest either quietly support or are too intimidated to act. Dalia Mogahed, on President Obama's faith advisory council (as well with the Department of Homeland Security), led a survey where she was the executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. That “survey concluded that only 7 percent of the world's Muslims are political radicals and the majority support democracy.” Was she trying to kid us with percentages? With that seemingly innocent statement, she is saying there are 113 million radicals available for mischief. Remembering that most people are not politically active, that is an enormous number.[50] So is there a threat of Islam to America? Is there something we should really be worried about? Let's start with seven concerns Citizen Warrior listed. First was actual terrorism, which we have seen plenty of and it continues. Second was Islamic indoctrination of our young people.There have been Muslim efforts to slant textbooks to hide some of the bad side of Islam and to distort US history such that our youth are not really knowledgeable about their own country.Foreign money has been used to buy Middle East Studies centers at some of our top universities so that our students receive a biased view of Islam. Third is the biased influence the Muslim Brotherhood and its fronts have on the mainstream media. The theme is Islam is a religion of peace and most Muslims are just normal citizens who are unfairly criticized. He wrote of this infiltration, “Right under the noses of the brainwashed non-Muslims, and often with their help, Muslims with a political agenda are working their way into government positions, getting hired in national security positions, wielding influence over law-enforcement officials, and even advising presidents.” [A few current examples are Dalia Mogahed in the White House, Huma Abedin who advised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Jameel Jaffer heading the ACLU's Center for Democracy.]

Fourth was their influence over Hollywood movies which adds to the indoctrination of the news media and textbooks. The Crusades are depicted as “unwarranted aggression” and “terrorists” must be depicted as anything but Islamic even though “most of the world's violence involves Muslims.” Fifth is Eurabia or the Islamization of Europe. >“What will happen to the world if Europe becomes a union of Muslim countries?” Sixth is the “great numbers of non-Muslims in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, European countries, and India who are actually helping orthodox Muslims carry out their political plans, and fighting against those of us who know Islam's prime directive and wish to curtail it.” It is not just ignorance, but the “Islam” they understand is “misleading and outright false information, deliberately planted there by orthodox Muslims.”

Finally, seventh is fear that we will not educate enough people before it is too late. It is a race against time while we are still the majority in the world. Turkey is sliding back to orthodox Islam reversing the great improvements made by Kemal Ataturk. Lebanon, Malaysia, and Indonesia have all converted. With the Jasmine Revolution and the Arab Winter, we do not know how these countries are going but elections were won by Islamists in Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt. Historically, only Spain and Eastern Europe escaped from the relentless march of Islam. Iraq and Afghanistan both have sharia written into their constitutions. [Egypt had sharia in its previous constitution and was included in the new constitution and is unlikely to be removed in the next constitution after the people's revolt and the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi.] It is a race against time.[51]

Tolerance of the intolerant is cultural suicide.

The threat from Islam is very real because, despite all the nice words from apologists and so-called “moderate” Muslims, Islam is still a warlike, intolerant, expansionist, dictatorial, all-encompassing cult. We do ourselves a great disservice by permitting Islam to be considered a religion when it is truly an imperialistic, arrogant, aggressive, totalitarian ideology hiding behind the façade of religion with the intent to impose itself and sharia on the entire world.

As John Guandolo ended his articles on The Muslim Brotherhood in America, “The MB Settled in America to subordinate the Constitution to Shariah. The 'Process' by which they did it is a 'Civilization-Jihadist Process.' Their methodology is to subvert the primary/foundational institutions in our nation and co-opt our leadership. At a quick glance it appears the score at halftime of this football game is 200-0 in their favor. Time for us to take off the baseball uniforms and engage the MB on the football field.”[52]

Pamela Geller wrote a book, STOP THE ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICA A Practical Guide to the Resistance. It is a guide “to stopping the spread of Sharia and Islamic supremacism in America” (Dr. Wafa Sultan) and “a democratic defense to fight the stealth jihadist threat against civilization.” (Bat Ye'or)

A reader of Citizen Warrior wrote a fascinating piece called “An Unusual Birthday Party.” It is set in Mecca in 2090 with a photo of the Kaaba with tourists around it in casual clothes and the narrator is 90 years old and is the historian and museum curator at the ancient sacred mosque which was now a museum. He tells the young kids about the odd things in the history like suicide bombings, sharia, and beheadings and the “children laughed uproariously.” He pointed out a document in a locked case: “a piece of paper saved the world.” “A brave move by the United States that officially reclassified Islam as a political organization, and no longer a religion, had a snowball effect. Europe followed suit, and within a space of five years all non-Muslim countries had reclassified Islam as a political organization, like the old communism. They arrested those same imams for sedition and stopped funding their organizations.” Oil was unknown to the kids and it was now “Tourist Mecca” and “Noone followed Islam any more. In fact, the Koran had even gone out of print. It was such a boring thing to read!” They popped the champagne for the old man and asked him to make a wish. His secret wish was “that the world will never be pulled into any 'black-hole' of fascism, ever again. The End”

The key in that story is the reclassifying of Islam from a religion to a political ideology. We will not win the war against Islam until that is done. Recall that the relentless march of Islam has been stopped only twice: Spain and Eastern Europe. In Spain, it was “convert or leave.” The West does not need to demand “convert or die” or “convert or leave.” But since Islam is antithetical to democracy and incompatible with civilized life, the West needs to demand “Renounce Islam or leave.”

With their refusal to assimilate or to be loyal to any country, their rejection of secularism, their overt, or silent acquiescence to, support of jihad and the imposition of sharia, their adherence to the principle of Islamic supremacy, their total refusal to accept the rights of non-believers, and their disregard for the rights of women, Islam is a Fifth Column in any country where it is located since their goal is to change the government and impose sharia.

 Muslims have no right to force their views on those who do not want them; that is aggression and must be fought.

 It is really irrelevant whether Muhammad was the greatest or not so great or even if he really existed. It is also irrelevant whether Islam is the perfect religion or whatever. Muslims have no right to force their views on those who do not want them; that is aggression and must be fought. We have no desire to submit to a false religious cult and a seventh century totalitarian ideology. On the contrary, we should feel obligated to liberate Muslims from the chains that have imprisoned them mentally and physically.


 Throw off the chains on your minds.
Set your people, including women, free.
Join the world.
Use your minds for the progress of mankind.
Get out of Qom and Al-Azhar and do some real creative thinking!

We must stop tolerating the intolerable! Our continued tolerance of Muslim intolerance, our political correctness, our desire to get along, our apologists for Muslim unacceptable actions, our continued concessions to Muslim demands, along with our fiscal irresponsibility and other threats all lead to the slow death of our civilization by a thousand cuts.

Wake up America or you will lose this war and the America we know and love.

After this very brief review of our situation, let us now delve into some of the specifics starting with a brief review of Islam and then a look at dhimmitude and other aspects of Islam.

NOTE: footnotes omitted.

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I recommend that you acquire and read Radical Islam at War with the World. This book is the most complete analytical and thought-provoking work I've ever read.
- - Former Senior Intelligence Official

I will say Mr. Hobbs is at the top of the chain in fully understanding Islamic based terrorism and the Islamic ideology.  His latest book is 400 pages of powerful information that is great reading for a person just beginning to self-study Islamic issues, and a great resource for even the most educated counter-terrorism professional.
I seldom recommend books pertaining to Islam written by counter-terrorism professionals, but Mr. Hobbs is a person with so much knowledge of the issues, but has more insight than most of us.
-- David Gaubatz, author of Muslim Mafia

Radical Islam is a bit overwhelming. Your research, and I presume your personal knowledge, are stunning in the depth of detail they provide. Almost every line is significant. For instance, a lot has been written elsewhere on Sharia, but nothing approaching the appalling detail you provide. And the life of Muhammad is especially revealing. 
Your book is very readable – not a bit pedantic or academic. I like the layout with the quotes in boxes. To repeat, the knowledge and depth you display is astounding. Very little of your personal bias shows. You correctly let “them” speak for themselves.
Islam in America and Islam infiltration into society are more like reference manuals. I cannot begin to retain the names of all he organizations much less the complex names of individuals, but I do know where to look them up now.
Some other place I read the hypothesis regarding the sexual frustration of adolescent Muslim boys. Although this area of psychology is not my forte, it makes sense explaining the outright violence toward women and the violence of their acts against others. And the overall subjugation of women can be classified as violence. They have no other “strategy” to interact with women..
-- Retired Consulting Psychologist

I just finished reading your book "Radical Islam at War With The World"; it is incredible and well done. I need to read Chapters 12, 13 and the Conclusion again. You deserve to be proud of yourself for a good job well done. 
-- Businessman, Reno

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