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How You Can Influence the Alarming and Growing International and Domestic Problems

Richard Hobbs


Table of Contents
About the Author
Chapter 1

CONTENTS (from the book)


About the Author

Chapter 1 - Is This Where We Are Going?

Chapter 2 - How Did the World Get Into This Mess?

The Old World Order -- Tense But Relatively Stable
It Was an Evil Empire
The End of Empire -- The Soviet Disunion
The Post-Soviet Transition and Its Effects

Chapter 3 - Tribalism and Nationalism -- Man Is Still His Own Worst

Enemy Or Has Mankind Yet Evolved from the Jungle?
The New Tribalism

Chapter 4 - On Religion -- Is Religion a Positive or Negative Force in the World?

Arrogance of Religion
. . . Islamic, Jewish, Christian

Chapter 5 - A Unipolar World -- How Should the US Act?

The World's Policeman?
A New First World
Should the Concept of Three Worlds be Changed?
International Boundaries -- Sacrosanct?
The Nation State
Is It Time for a World Realignment?

Chapter 6 - The United Nations -- Love It or Leave It Is Not

Good Enough; We Need to Fix It or Replace It.
World Forum
UN Forces
. . . Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Cambodia, El Salvador
International Crimes and Punishment
. . . War Criminals
Where Do We Go?

Chapter 7 - Are There Too Many People in the World? -- What Can Be

Done About Uncontrolled Population Growth and Resulting Problems?

Chapter 8 - Growing Conflict in the World

The Spectrum of Conflict
Terrorism and Guerrilla Warfare
Nuclear War Capabilities
. . . CIS, China, West, Nuclear Powers, Wannabes
On Nuclear War Now
. . . Yugoslavia, Northeast Asia, The Middle East

Chapter 9 - Whither America? -- Where Are We Going? Where Do We Want to Go?

The Melting Pot Is Boiling
. . . Guns, Options, Possible Actions
. . . Bilingual Stupidity, Possible Actions, Victim Status
. . . Blacks, Hispanics, Asians
Equal But Separate
What Is America?
Where Are We Going? (Where do we want to go?)
. . . Population Growth, Drugs and Crime, Family, Civic Bonds,
......The Media and Pressure Groups

Chapter 10 - How To Bring Order Out of The New World Disorder

United Nations Force
UN Trusteeship System
UN International Court
The New World Order
The US Must Act Like a Major Power

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The euphoria of the end of the Cold War has evaporated and we now are faced with new challenges around the world. The terrible threat of a nuclear Armageddon is hopefully behind us, but we have found, instead of a peaceful world with the great peace dividend, an unstable world in disorder. There is a new order in the world; our problem is to try to define it and then to address it intelligently to make some sense out of it and hopefully provide a better world for ourselves to live in and as our legacy for our children.

For those of us who lived through all of the Cold War, the death of the Soviet Union was both amazing and unbelievably rapid. The last great empire in the world collapsed in a very short period. The ramifications of that monumental event will be with us well into the next century. It was an Evil Empire and it is necessary to remember it and the old world order we lived in for so long to understand where we were and where we are going.

The drama of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, the emancipation of the states of Eastern Europe, and the lowering of the old Soviet flag over the Kremlin on Christmas 1991 were key events of the final years of the 20th Century. But as with all great events, they were only the introduction to the next era. How will that drama play out? Can a Russia with no history of democracy or free enterprise really make that great leap or will it fall back into its traditional autocratic ways? Will the new states survive or will they tear themselves apart?

The threat of major nuclear war has waned but the world is still a very heavily armed place. There is the threat of stolen or sold nuclear devices falling into the hands of the rogue states. We have to ponder nuclear blackmail or nuclear terror. What are the conflicts around the world and what is the likelihood for war? What are the most dangerous regions in this new world? What are the threats?

We have witnessed a ferocious new tribalism erupting in the world, from the former Soviet Union, to the Yugoslav tribes, to Asia. As Yogi Berra said, it's déja vu all over again as we see shades of Neville Chamberlain as Europe sits on its hands watching the massive catastrophe in Bosnia as nationalist thugs rape, torture, pillage, and destroy their countrymen in what was Yugoslavia. They claim a militant nationalism, ready to kill to form the new Greater Serbia or Greater Croatia. Added to the bestiality of their actions is the intolerant religious hatred they demonstrated.

Religion, along with language and race the most divisive elements in the world, continues to set men apart. Of the numerous wars or disputes around the world, two-thirds of them have a religious basis. The frustrations of the Muslims with their difficult economic troubles and a feeling of hopelessness toward Western liberal actions have led to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. The bombing of the World Trade Center brought the outrage of these people to our shores. But there are others too: Jewish fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists or Christian Zionists, and others who wish to impose their parochial views.

The bipolar world is gone but is it really a unipolar world? The US is the only major power for now and it threw out its president because the candidate said he spent too much time on foreign affairs and not enough time addressing the problems of the economy. Now that new president is mired in world affairs without any basic philosophy or program to deal with them. The US has been called upon to be the world's policeman but it does not want the job.

The nation state is in turmoil as international frontiers cannot provide the protection of yesteryear. International boundaries have been sacrosanct for decades but now they are changing. Has Pandora's box been opened?

There is growing strife around the world. Overpopulation is making the poorer countries poorer. There is less food now which may lead to more famine. Jobs are not being created as fast as new babies grow up. AIDS is threatening a massive attack on the world economy. Terrorism is on the increase and more disputes are exploding into larger confrontations. It is a very disorderly world.

America seems to be in as much disarray as the world. The great melting pot is boiling. Racial troubles increase as there is less assimilation, more disillusionment, and more equal but separate division. Where is America going? Where does it want to go?

If the US does not wish to be the world's policeman, then we must grant the United Nations the capability to take up the role. We have become quite aware of UN force actions in the 1990s, starting with the large peacemaking operation in the Persian Gulf to force Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. But the peacekeeping operations in Somalia, Bosnia, and Haiti have soured the American feelings toward helping some of these peoples. The UN needs its own force; these intractable situations need to be placed under UN Trusteeship, and the UN needs an International Court to deal with war criminals and other gross violators of human rights.

There is a lot wrong with the US and with the world. Like the huge national debt we are leaving to our children, we are leaving other major unresolved problems because we do not have the courage to deal with them. They are our terrible legacy to the next generation.

The US needs to get serious about its internal problems and address them. It also needs to act like a major power and lead. The world needs a leader; unfortunately, we are the only candidate. If there is going to be a new world order to our liking, America must lead; the rest of the world will follow.

You are key to that future.

Reno, Nevada
May 1995

Every man ... should periodically be compelled to listen to opinions which are infuriating to him. To hear nothing but what is pleasing to one is to make a pillow of the mind.
-- St. John Ervine

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Richard Hobbs graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1954 and entered the Infantry. As a paratrooper, Ranger, and Pathfinder, he had various troop assignments, including attending the British Jungle School in Malaya during the Emergency and in charge of Tropical Training for a Division in Hawaii.. He was selected as one of the original Olmsted Scholars and attended the University of Lyon in France receiving the degree of Docteur de l'Université in international law and international relations.

Two tours were spent in Vietnam (one year each) advising Vietnamese paratroopers, serving as Executive to the Deputy Commander in Vietnam, managing a large fire base, and commanding a US infantry battalion. Instead of attending the Army War College, he was an Army Research Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. During that time he worked on a conference about the Western Mediterranean and reworked his thesis from Lyon which was later published by Westview Press as THE MYTH OF VICTORY What is Victory In War?

After serving in the Pentagon, his last assignment was as Politico-Military Advisor in the Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs in the Department of State in Washington. He was responsible for politico-military activities in international relations and military assistance to the Middle East during the period after the 1973 War. He retired from the Army as a colonel after 27 years.

Entering the business world, he joined Teledyne serving in various positions for over 10 years including Vice President - International where he worked with the Departments of State, Commerce, and Defense and the embassies on international policy questions and export licenses. During those years, he continued to work with the Middle East, traveling to the area, particularly Egypt, every few months and extensively through Africa.

He established his own consulting firm, Service International Ltd., for international business development which he moved to Reno in 1991. There he ran an export-import company for a while, built a slot machine, and taught courses in international politics and international conflict for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno. In addition to the large amount of teaching in the military, he had served as Assistant Professor of International Relations on the faculty of the Department of Social Sciences at West Point.

With an ongoing interest in national and international affairs, he wrote this book for citizens in an effort to emphasize that they can play a role in the momentous decisions of our times. His desire is to encourage people to take part in the political process and make their voices heard so that the active few cannot impose their views due to the apathy of the many.

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fromChapter 1


We are living through such a frightening peace because the Cold War has not yet rid us of its legacy. The war is over. Beware the peace.
-- Eduard Shevardnadze

Decreasingly able to mobilize support and form coalitions on the basis of ideology, governments and groups will increasingly attempt to mobilize support by appealing to common religion and civilization identity.
-- Samuel P. Huntington "The Clash of Civilizations"

* * * * *

The Cold War was over and we supposedly won. But where was that great peace dividend? Was the US going to have to be the world's policeman? We did not seem to want the job and you did not seem to want to send your children off to fight the world's battles, particularly if it meant some of them getting killed. Yet there seemed to be growing numbers of boundary disputes. Was there going to have to be a realignment of the world? The nation state seemed to be in trouble. Was it going to survive?

Why couldn't the UN take care of these problems? Particularly since we did not want to. But the UN was becoming a laughing stock and was constantly humiliated. It was hideous to see the UN being treated like a Third World puppet by those thugs from Serbia. But what did we do about it? Yet sanctions were proving ineffective. The UN really had no force of its own and the troops it was given were often held hostage or treated with contempt. Those miserable thugs in Serbia needed to be brought to trial as war criminals but there was no real vehicle to deal with international crimes.

Your nightmares were getting worse. You had trouble visualizing a world of 10 billion people. How would countries take care of them when they cannot take care of the 5.7 billion people in the world now? How would we feed them? Would we see famines again? There are not enough jobs now, how would the growing problem of unemployment be handled? Would diseases like AIDS increase? Where would all these people go? Would they start crossing borders to try to find better lives? What would that mean to Europe and the US which have terrible immigration problems now?

Strife seems to be growing in the world. There is more terrorism. Must we expect only more? Will the population pressures and the other difficult problems facing many governments push them into wars? Your family has served its country, now will your children have to die for the country also?

How will all this affect America? We have enough problems here already with growing crime and drugs. Our melting pot is boiling as some of the minority groups are not assimilating. The country is breaking up into ethnic groups and disillusionment is growing.

The world seems to be degenerating into chaos. The nation state is proving incapable of dealing with the problems of the 20th and 21st Centuries. A new form is needed but we cannot even clean up the mess at the UN and give it enough authority to help solve the problems.

Here at home, our economy is going bankrupt with a staggering debt that is not being controlled. People are working harder and making less. The working people in America are falling behind not getting ahead. Our political leadership is morally bankrupt in that it cannot get above special interests to deal with the national interest. The country is leaderless and there is no likelihood of any improvement.

Our own population growth is out of control being led by the least productive parts of our society. We have permitted the destruction of the family and are now saddled with teenagers with babies out of wedlock, millions of women with babies and no fathers helping to raise them, and an unmanageable welfare monster. Crime and drugs have taken over so that many of our streets and inner cities are war zones controlled by our own urban terrorists.

Is this the world your grandfather fought for to make the world safe for democracy? Is this what your father bled for in the great crusade to stop the tyranny of Germany and Japan? Is this what you waded through the mud of Vietnam for during the Cold War when you were stopping the spread of world Communism?

Will these internal problems destroy America? Will these problems around the world spill over and affect our trade interests, affect our economy, or even worse drag us into wars?

Is this disorderly world drifting toward anarchy, toward total disorder? Is that where we are going? What is to be the New World Order? Can it still be shaped to make the world a better place to live, a better place to raise your children, a better place for mankind?

The 20th Century was the most deadly century in history with the carnage of world wars and the scourge of Communism. This may not be the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, but it could be the nightmare that dawns as the 21st Century.

NO, the world does not have to go to hell in a handbasket. YES, you can do something about it. The world does not have to collapse into disorder. The future will not be determined by great figures with enormous wisdom. It will be determined by plain, ordinary, common people in Washington, Moscow, Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, and thousands of other cities.

They are not particularly intelligent, rarely wise, generally selfish, often arrogant, they respond to pressures, and if properly pushed they even can make some wise decisions. But most of them are opportunists and they go with the tides.

YOU must become part of the tide that pushes them toward wisdom.

YOU, as that concerned citizen, must remind them from whence they came, that they have no God-given right to power, and that they are responsible to the people.

YOU must remind them of what is good for the country and the world, not just for their political futures. If you do so, you have a chance to stop your nightmares and have an impact on the New World Order and make this world a better place.

In the chapters that follow, we will look at some of these problems and try to determine some of the options and possible actions to deal with them. This then can serve as your citizen's handbook for addressing some of the problems of the world. But first, we should take a brief look at how the world got into this mess.

It is clear that we have entered a new world of disorder, and our inability to formulate either coherent policies or strategies to deal with ethnic conflicts and NATO expansion has led to a cross-Atlantic fear, confusion, incoherence and recriminations.
-- Senator William S. Cohen

If this [Bosnia] goes on, there will be no global stability and no security in Europe. We will have to fight again. You cannot take holidays from history.
-- Manfred Woerner, Secretary General, NATO

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What readers are saying about


I liked The New World Order very much. It is very factual and puts it all together.... I hope your book gets wide distribution. Every American citizen should read it.

-- Engineer and Author, Ohio

We found your book very enlightening.

-- Family of Two Professors, City University of New York

C'est très intéressant!! Bien fait! et félicitations!!
-- Real Estate Manager, Phoenix

I think my favorite chapter in your book was Religion
-- Artist, Virginia

Read your book and I can't help but agree with all your findings and predictions.
-- Retired Pentagon Official, Maryland

Portions of this manuscript should be put onto the Internet to the White House.
-- Director, University of Nevada Press

You certainly have amassed a lot of facts about our world situation. I agree with many of your views of the current and projected situation...

-- Retired Brigadier General

What a book! You sum up many years of history in short order setting up "the situation."
-- Colonel, USAF Retired, and Real Estate Broker

1. The book presents an excellent way to deal with political problems within the system.
2. The historical background gives the reader a base to how, why and where to go to solve problems.

-- University Professor and Multicultural Counselor

I enjoyed the subject content and philosophy. I admire the effort and the production.

-- International Banker

I have tremendously enjoyed You and the New World Order not only because it is so logical and full of common sense, but also for its vast amount of pure facts. I am grateful for having been exposed to it.
-- Colonel, US Army Retired

I ... found it most challenging and thought provoking. It would be worthy for everyone in the U.S. to read it and get up to date on happenings which need immediate attention. Although not everyone might agree with [his] suggestions, it certainly will prod many to do something about our future and the future of our progeny and beyond.
-- Retired International Businessman

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